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Im off moving house for the next week and a half, so posting will be light/non existant for a bit… But I will be back.

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Drug dogs at work.

Someone has lost some “property” down south…

Dogs were “tripping out” and acting aggressively after eating what is believed to be illegal drugs they found on Back Beach late last week.

Veterinarian Dr John Fulton warned owners to be on their guard after three dogs were brought to his McGregor Veterinary Clinic in three days suffering drug-induced distress.


Not quite sniffer dog material are they?

The jack russell, golden retriever and a third dog of mixed breed had all been at Back Beach when they wandered away from their owners and ate the unidentified drugs.

Who, me officer?


The worst affected dog was a normally friendly six-month-old golden retriever who had eaten the biggest amount of drugs.

“As you put your hand near it, it was freaking out,” Dr Fulton said.

The dog’s owner, Peta Power, said she first became concerned when her husband brought their dog Lucy back from a short walk along the Back Beach dog area.

“She was just floppy and we looked at her eyes and they were just totally bloodshot,” she said.

How to tell if your dog is on drugs.


“They had to just heavily sedate her all day and every time she came out of sedation she was tripping out again, so we think she’s aptly named Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Mrs Power said the experience had been a wake-up call not just for the couple but other dog owners as well.

“Keep them (dogs) by your side at all times, don’t let them run off into the dunes picking up tablets or marijuana or something that will make them hallucinate and have all these major trips,” she said

This may sound a little odd, but quite some years ago my old mans boat was commandeered by the Geraldton drug squad to trawl for some blocks of hash that had fallen off a dingy during a drug smuggling operation. We had a small trawler and spent the next 3 nights trawling around looking for the bundles, never found them, though one was found on the beach.

Tough Titties, I like this magistrate…

A story from my soon to be home town (Only about 10 days before I move).

My fathers business was one of the ones raided by these shits, in the burg they smashed my work computer, fortunately we were able to retrieve all the info on it of it would have cost multiple thousands of dollars.

Any way one of the dickheads who robbed the old man had his day in court, where he asked the magistrate not to inconvenience him in his sentencing.

The magistrates reply?


Magistrate Ed de Vries has told an accused man “tough titties” when asked to schedule a court date around a motorcross event in Perth.

What can I say, its beautiful!

Mr Turner’s defence also said his client wanted to work his court appearances around travel plans to Perth he and his girlfriend had made before he was charged.

Mr De Vries rejected the request, responding with, “tough titties”.

Compare it to this case in the UK, where a magistrate was castigated for calling a couple of scum what they were.

A magistrate who described two boys as “absolute scum” for vandalising Blackburn Cathedral has been warned he could face disciplinary action.

Austin Malloy has been removed from his post as chairman of the bench while he is investigated by the court.”

Because we dont want to hurt their poor widdle feelings do we?

Get this man a movie deal!

I bumped into this blokes work while trawling through youtube last night. Unfortunately I dont speak Spanish, but I am familiar with a couple of the works he has made these “promotions” for.

In a word brilliant.

First Slaine,

A 2000AD comic originally, it became a tour-de-force of artistic talent and storytelling. What this bloke has done is absolutely faithful to the style and content of the comic.

Frank (Sin City) Millers “Bad boy” graphic novel.

Captain Harlech , which I seem to remember as a kids cartoon many years ago.

Heres the blokes website, in the unlikely event I become a multi millionare this bloke is going to direct any movies I want made.


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The case for death, Narkle should die.

This man (and I use the term loosely indeed) is one of the worst scum ever to walk Western Australia’s streets. Over the years he has been convicted of over a dozen rapes and sexual assaults on women, children and men. The vast majority of his crimes have been committed while on probation and he has spent nearly half his life in jail. 30 years of rape and sexual assaults and he still walks the earth

Heres his latest outrage.

ACCUSED sex offender Garry Narkle took a sickly homeless man back to his caravan and supplied him with drugs and alcohol before raping him throughout the night, a Perth judge has heard.

In addition hes the chap who’s conduct over the last 30 years has been so bad the law has been amended (unsuccessful) to keep him detained.

In August last year, 50-year-old Gary Narkle was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to indecently touching a 46-year-old woman in an Armadale delicatessen in 2005.

With his prison tats obscured by makeup, he looks quite different.

He has worked out a “style” of attack now, he often targets the mentally ill, mentally handicapped or substance abusers. This serves 2 purposes.

A: They are probably least likely to report the assault

B: When they get to court his pond scum lawyers will claim the victims evidence isnt reliable. In effect he has been given a “pool” of people he can assault without fear of being caught.

Heres a TV special transcript on repeat offenders where he features heavily.

ROSS COULTHART: Former policeman Wayne Goodsell investigated Narkle for the attack on Grace 20 years ago. He has watched on in despair as Narkle has continually been released from jail, only to reoffend.

WAYNE GOODSELL, FORMER WA POLICE DETECTIVE: We are putting one person, his liberty, in front of two million people in Western Australia. Now, that doesn’t equate to me.

ROSS COULTHART: Because you’re that convinced he will offend again?

WAYNE GOODSELL: Absolutely. Have no questions whatsoever. Look me in the eye, I can assure you, he will offend again.

ROSS COULTHART: Within weeks of us interviewing Grace and Wayne Goodsell, new allegations were made against 50-year-old Narkle. In May, Gary Narkle was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in the car park of a church, here in Armidale. He was also later charged with indecently assaulting a 46-year-old woman, in February.


ROSS COULTHART: In WA, serial rapist Gary Narkle walked free last year because his 14th known victim declined to testify against him for a fourth time. Earlier this year, we met his first victim, the woman he raped 20 years ago.

‘GRACE’, RAPE VICTIM: I have no doubt in my mind that he will continue to get more and more violent and I’m terrified that one day that he will kill.

I have a personal interest in this case for a couple of reasons. Around 12 years ago I was working in the secure unit of WA major psychiatric hospital “graylands” I was there as part of the immigration departments duty of care to a detainee who had been committed. While there Mr Narkle was admitted having had a breakdown of some sort in Prison.

He looked just like his photos, hes tiny, wiry and wouldnt last long in a fight against anyone “normal” size.

By that stage I had been asked to “blend in” with the patients on the ward, as my uniform had made a few nervous, so I was by that stage being paid to wear civvies and read a book all day in the common room of the clinic. I may have blended in a little to well as on one occasion one of the staff offered me sedatives around medication time….

Anyway back to Narkle. He had been buzzing around the ward talking to various people when he sat down and began to talk to me. It was like looking into a maggot filled basin of brains.

He told me how “good little girls are”, how “they all loved it when he did them”, that “he could get any girl he liked”, and so on.

I have a habit of letting people continue talking  when they start, regardless of what they are on about, its a good way of learning what makes people tick. But I could only stomach about 10 minutes of Narkle before I stood up over him and told him “If you dont fuck off away from me now Im going to knock you down and stamp your balls flat”, Narkle stopped talking and didnt come near me again. I sincerely regret having not done that rather than threatening the man, if I had done so it may have prevented a number of assaults on girls/women.

Heres the funny thing, within 2 days he had everyone, patients and staff hating him, even the mentally ill were disgusted by him.

I left Graylands before he was released back to prison but if I had to make an uneducated guess Id say his breakdown was he was saying exactly what he thought, with no lying.

In addition, when hes outside he often wears makeup to cover over his distinctive tattoos, and his victims are almost always smaller or less physically capable than him. Hes a true predator.

Fast forward to last year, Ive met my brothers new girlfriend for the second time and we are all on the piss at the pub. Narkle was in the news so I started on my graylands story, when my brother dug my ribs from behind as a hint to shut up.

It turns out his new lady had been raped by Narkle 20 odd years ago, in addition to the rape they jammed a stick up her, nearly killing her from the blood loss.

She spoke to me about it later on, and how it had wrecked her for a decade of self abuse and feelings of worthlessness.

Id like Mr Narkle to die. Not imprisoned, not on bail, not supervised. Id just like to see him not walking the earth anymore in any shape of form. Hes exactly the inspiration for a lynch mob.

PS: The sad thing is ive met his parents, they are as nice and respectable coulple as you could meet. How they were cursed with such a bad seed is beyond me.

Anomalous Anal Ghost Phenomena

I didnt just make that up, there is a website seriously discussing this stuff.  

Some other eye catching highlights… 

Honey, I Got A Ghost In My Butt! 

“Many strange stories in the far east have circulated about ghosts living in a haunted persons anus or rectum. Some just think it that have been attacked by a ghost or evil spirit, still others know that a real ghost has crawled up their butts. These pesky ghosts are said to cause mad uncontrollable bouts of farting and serious constipation or diarrhea. I can certainly attest to this as it has happened to my husband on more then one occasion. And Felching out ghosts is usually a bigger fear and reality then one might think. 

Many male ghost Hunters are prone to such anal ghost intrusions and possessions. In the past 8 years it has been related to me by a person that specializes in such removals that a particular ghost Hunter of well known fame has seen her more then once. He states he keeps getting re infected because it is like a open portal to them.” 

Why does Tom Cruise spring to mind?? 

Toms anus is possessed and levitating?

My colon is clean I have a ghost! 

“In some cultures spicy hot Enemas are said to chase a ghosts from a persons bowels in many cultures wine or beer enemas are used to get the ghost drunk so he will just fall out of the person and it then can be captured and put into a bottle or container for safe keeping. My husband keeps his in a pickle jar in the garage and has gotten several intriguing EVP’s from it.” 

With the stuff you need to drink to catch them...

Anomalous Anal Ghost Phenomena 

“My husband Riley has had an anal ghost infection on several occasions in the past few years. The phenomena can be very disturbing and unnerving. And the word frightening does not equate to the level of panic it caused me. 

At night laying inn bed after a ghost hunt with his group he would begin to let out gas. The stench was horrible. It smelt like something dead and raw sewerage. It even formed word with the sounds of his flatulence. And it went as far as cursing out individuals in restuarants, Church and a funeral of a close relative. The intense passing gas attacks my husband had actually produced audible words that clearly sounded like a man speaking with a gruff or raspy voice. It would say ” You Are F——g Doomed!” in a farty sounding voice like sound. Or, “Mutha F__K, He Is mine until the day he dies!” at first I thought it was Riley just playing games with me, throwing his voice like a ventriloquist, until the black diarrhea started while he was still asleep in his favorite chair. 

If the voice from his anus was not enough when it grabbed the sheets and starting pulling it inside him! I was petrified and chilled to the bone, ready to run for the hills. 

Once it even blew out the candles on my mothers birthday cake from across the room.” 

A ghost...in his ass....

A prayer to St. Michael To remove a Anal Ghost: 

Oh great Angel St. Michael hear my prayer. 

Please in your divine justice and wisdom remove this ghost that infest my bowels and anus.  

Remove this foul ghost from me as you did the Devil from Heaven.  

In your wisdom bless me and free me from this evil affliction now and forever.  



Im sure theres something in that for all of us…. 

Sex After an Exorcism (some useful advice, heres the best one) 

Try different positions if you feel discomfort.  And keep an eye in a mirror to see if you can see the ghost trying to return. 


Certain major American cities are more apt to have anal and womb ghost waiting to attack the unsuspecting. Chicago, New York, Miami and Portland, Oregon, and all of North Carolina and Georgia are the real hotspots. Wilmington, North Carolina is a historic city and has been known for anal and womb ghost dating back to before it attained statehood. Though Texas has it’s fair share of outbreaks at different times of the year. 

Im sure our American chums will get this all covered under their new all encompassing health regime….

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Notice the shortage of handwringing

Somali pirates take over a Russian oil tanker. The Russians storm the ship, shoot and kill one of the pirates and capture the other 10 pirates. Rather than take them back to Moscow for prosecution they dumped the 10 pirates into an inflatable raft and set them adrift in the Indian Ocean.

“It seems that they all died,” the unnamed source was quoted as saying by Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Who knows, they may have even pointed them in the direction of land. Perhaps Antarctica.

EU threatens the UK.

Read this article and see if the EU seems a little less than….friendly when they arent allowed access to a nations funds. 

Europe tells Britain not to ask for help in a crisis 


Officials from both euro and non-euro countries said Britain should not ask for help if it runs into trouble because it had not signed up to a £378 billion support fund. 

French, Swedish and many Brussels officials have predicted that it is only a matter of time before Sterling is hit by the same market turbulence that came close to destroying the euro at the weekend. 

An EU spokesman, yesterday.


Shades of the piranha Brothers there, “Nice currency you’ve got there Guv, pity if my hammer should accidentally slip and smash it eh”? 

Jean-Pierre Jouyet, a former French Europe minister and the current chairman of France’s financial services authority, yesterday predicted only “God would help” a rudderless Britain after it snubbed its euro zone neighbours. 

“There is not a two speed Europe but a three speed Europe. You have Europe of the euro, Europe of the countries that understand the euro … and you have the English,” he said. 

Yes damn those English for not spending their money to bail out our currency!! 

“The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don’t want to show solidarity to the euro zone, then let’s see what happens to the United Kingdom.” 

So Mr frog would like the shaky coalition leading England’s first financial move to be a massive bailout of the EU’s currency? Would he like their first born children as well droit de signer over their wives perhaps? 

But despite supporting a rapid response EU financial “mechanism” to the tune of £13 billion, Britain declined to offer another £50 billion of loan guarantees in order to help “European partners” that get into trouble. 


13 Billion pounds pissed up the wall already, plus England running a deficit of 1/2 a billion pounds a day, Im sure they are falling over themselves to save the Euro…. 

Germany’s cabinet yesterday opened a political battle after it approved a new £106 billion German contribution to the EU bail-out, a sum which is over five times larger than last week’s deeply unpopular payout of £19 billion to Greece. 


Any one want to guess how many seats this will cost Merkel? 

The controversy over Greece cost Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, her government majority in regional elections on Sunday and the latest EU cash demand has threatened to tear her government apart. 

“We want the details,” said Otto Fricke, a budget spokesman for Mrs Merkel’s coalition in the parliament. “Where will the money for the EU’s first instalment come from, if and when it comes? There are many ifs and buts.” 


So the money is to be just given to Brussels for them to use?  FFS this will see the disintegration or impoverishment of the EU if it allows it to go ahead. 

The German press has reacted with fury after Mrs Merkel cancelled popular tax cuts in order to pay for the new EU bail-out burden on German taxpayers. 

“Europe’s jerks once again!,” declared the headline on yesterday’s front page of Bild, Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper. 


If I was Poland Id be nervous about now, grumpy Germans have never been a good omen for them in the past. 

Heres Businessweeks take on the crisis. 

“Europe’s jerks once again!” ran the headline today on the front page of Bild, Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper. “750 billion for bankrupt neighbors, but tax cuts canned,” it said. “It’s beyond belief!”

Kevin Rudd, on the nose in Kalgoorlie.

I was in Kalgoorlie last night with the missus and boy so he could attend his graduation ball (yes, we have our ball way before the end of the year, for reasons unknown). After we embarrassed him by taking multiple photos we went for a meal/movie/walk around Kal. (D managed to fit in being bitten by a dog as well)

In the centre of Kal is an intersection with 3 pubs, one of them “The Palace” has a “ticker tape” mounted under the balcony which usually shows the various prices of the different metals mined in the area, as well as some share prices for the various companies.

Tonight was different.

It appears Kevin and his “super unemployment in the mining industry Tax” are a little on the nose.

“D” took a short clip of the ticker as it listed Mr Rudds more popular achievements.

Heres the results of part of a survey companies questions of the resource tax. As you can see its the Greens and Labour that think its a wonderful idea overall.

This tax appears to play straight to Labors heartland/greens voters, hardly the most likely to be resources workers. The Nationals did surprise me a little, there are some strong anti-miner sections in that group.


Speaking with the blokes on my  mine site I can Honestly say Rudd in on a hiding here in WA. The systematic shafting of our major industry, on top of a reduction in our GST share in the same year is toxic for his party.

Tiny wang mocked

It all began when a TSA employee used himself for a demo full body scan using those new airport full body scanners. His co-workers then relentlessly mocked him for a year for being under endowed before he lost it, and beat the crap out of one. Details.

 Of course, we wouldn’t need full body scanners if…


Muslim “pride”, an excellent article.

This article here is a great read for anyone wanting to see a bit about the differences in the mindset between Westerners and Muslims.

The straightforward explanation of how a pride based culture can be incredibly self defeating is a compelling one.

If this makes you want to behead someone, then stiff shit!

Heres a few excerpts.

“Discussing psychological characteristics of the Muslim culture is important. Denmark has foreigners from all over the world and according to official statistics from Danmarks Statistik all non-Muslim groups of immigrants are less criminal than the ethnic Danes. Even after adjusting, according to educational and economic levels, all Muslim groups are more criminal than any other ethnic group. Seven out of 10, in the youth prison where I worked, were Muslim.”

So a fairly clear correlation between criminal behaviour and adherents of the Muslim faith. Other ethnic minorities which should suffer much of the same disadvantages are actually underrepresented

Expressions of anger and threats are probably the quickest way to lose one’s face in Western culture. In discussions, those who lose their temper have automatically lost, and I guess most people have observed the feeling of shame and loss of social status following expressions of aggression at one’s work place or at home. In the Muslim culture, aggressive behavior, especially threats, are generally seen to be accepted, and even expected as a way of handling conflicts and social discrepancies. If a Muslim does not respond in a threatening way to insults or social irritation, he, not “she” (Muslim women are, mostly, expected to be humble and to not show power) is seen as weak, as someone who cannot be depended upon and loses face. 


This was a common experience when I was working in detention centres. Ive broken up arguments between blokes apparently about to fly at each other, only to have one tip me a wink to let me know it wasnt serious as it looked. The thing was to not be seen as weak or taking a backward step to the group. Id argue this same perverted pride based posturing is what drives a great deal of the Australian underclass’ criminality as well. An undeserved feeling of self importance and fear of being seen as weak.

More under the fold

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Do they have these in double strength?

Given that my missus has actually woken me up with a couple of hers Im very interested in this product.  I just have to check they make it in “week old dead horse fallen down a septic tank” strength.

(Im going to pay for posting this when I get home…)

This makes you wonder what some people eat…

Excorcism in Australia, this is weird.

On the one hand I can see it probably does do some good to reassure the mentally ill they arent possessed, but really, exorcism?

Exorcist in demand as occult wakes

Prominent Anglican priest and former police chaplain Barry May is forging a reputation as an exorcist by performing the ritual about once a fortnight around Perth.

Father Barry said an increasing number of people were seeking his help, partly because of a growing awareness about his service and partly because “the occult is awakening”.


I hope hes not charging for this spiritual service.

Archbishop Herft said the Church worked with psychologists or counsellors but Father Barry admitted he used his own judgment on whether a person needed spiritual or psychological guidance.


At least it looks like they try and seek psychological help for the people when they think its needed…

It seems not influenced by denomination either, heres a fascinating write up in the Australian about the Vatican’s chief exorcist.

In many cases, he says, they vomit objects such as nails or glass. Father Amorth has a collection weighing 2kg.

“You get used to being vomited over.

“I once performed an exorcism on a woman who managed to hit me in the face with a stream of vomit from the other side of the room – physically impossible.”

Father Amorth has no designated successor, and complains that even now the church hierarchy does not take exorcism – or the devil – seriously enough. But “the Lord has made use of me” and his example has inspired many other priests – as did the 1973 film The Exorcist, which although “exaggerated” was “substantially true”.

Heres a few clips claiming to be exorcism from various denominations, Orthodox, Muslim and others. So it does seem to be a widespread religious belief.

Check under the fold for more “real” exorcism.

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Logies in Australia, Joan Rivers edition.

We have just suffered enjoyed another Australian logies show, its a bit like the Oscars, but with less talent and a little more of the ridiculous.

However it did remind me of this particular Logies from a few years back when they invited Joan Rivers as a host/compare.

She took the piss clean out of them, make sure you get to at least 2:40 in this clip, as she is given a complimentary Logie of her own.

Massive government waste. Climate edition.

I was reading this post over at catallaxy when a thought popped into my head. Just how big are the offices the Department of Climate Change leased?

Heres the graphic outlining the new jobs advertised for the department, despite its lack of activity at the moment.

$1.65 million, quite a bit if they employ 30 as projected.

Heres what Ive found out about the offices for the Department of Climate Change

Link: Here.

THE Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has leased a 21,000 square metre office in Canberra, paying a whopping annual rent of between $420 and $450 per square metre.

At the lower rate of the lease thats $8.8 million a year, at the higher $9.45 million. The Molonglo groups own “news” page mentions 2 new leases, one to the ATO and one to the climate change department. It is a little unclear on the length of the lease but suggests it is 15 years.

That puts the cost at about $132,000,000. over the term of the lease.

The lease was signed on the 18/03/2010.

I signed a lease Thiiiis long!

The government employers will work from picturesque space adjacent to Lake Burley Griffin, at a $550 million development being built by the Molonglo Group on the site of the former Hotel Acton.

The government body’s headquarters will be known as the New Acton Nishi office.


Heres some of the blurb from the residential side of the development. From the blurb the office space will be just as flash.

Nishi will incorporate a cutting edge public gallery / ‘Great Ideas’ Atrium of Sustainability, shops, cafes and public amenities, including a sake bar, multi-function communal spaces for hosting dinners, meeting with friends and relatives, or ‘hanging’ out.
The government already leases space in another office building developed by Molonglo at an earlier stage of the site’s redevelopment, according to The Australian.

This is in no way a shot at the development group, they are building their office space to meet the market, good for them.

Though they are fairly intensely “greenwashing” their business.

But for Turdfingers Rudd to commit to a 15 year lease on the 18/03/2010, just before abandoning the carbon pollution reduction scheme beggars belief. Will they break the lease, causing the developer a lot of heartache, or will they keep the Potemkin department runing?

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