Dear Mr Conroy #3 Internet filter shennanigans

Why Mr Conroy wants to ban the internet... That which has been seen, cannot be unseen!

Im again writing to ask you to make a decision Im obviously unqualified to make

There is some controversy over which is better for games PCs or consoles.

If PCs are better can you ban the apple ones, as everyone knows it was an apple that caused the downfall of man after Eve ate one. Therefore Steve Jobs is obviously a Satanist and therefore a threat to right minded people everywhere.

If on the other hand its consoles can you just specify the one platform and prevent them from making new/improved models. If the Atari was good enough for me in the 80s then its obvious the more new fangled ones ane just unnecessary luxury. And as unnecessary luxury comes close to the sin of gluttony it must be banned.

With ALL due respect….

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Stop global warming. Who cares if Africa’s poor?

And stays poor.

Certainly not “concerned” ecotards.

The World Bank on Thursday approved a controversial $3 billion loan for the development of a coal-fired power plant by the South African state utility Eskom despite lack of support from major shareholder countries.

The U.S. Treasury said it abstained because of “concerns about the climate impact of the project and its incompatibility with the World Bank’s commitment to be a leader in climate change mitigation and adaptation.” …

Apart from banning DDT, isn’t it obvious that by, under the pretences of compassion, keeping third world countries poor, will literally kill millions of people?

Folks, despite what you may have heard, the planet doesn’t have an over-population problem.

If we get everyone rich, population growth will stabilize, anyway. It’s an historically demonstrated fact that “rich” people have one or two kids, and that “poor” people have many.

The Al Gores of this world are pimping man-made global warming. It’s a front for a very nasty agenda.

It’s got nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with power and control.


I’m not against a one-world government. Time will dictate its necessity. But an un-elected one-world communist government? Fuck no.

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