Kangaroos Run Amok

Ok, well, not really. These ones are trained to take school children to school every day, because in Australia, it’s cheaper to ride a kangaroo than it is to take a car. Most Australians don’t even own cars, that’s just propaganda we put out to make us seem as cool as the Americans.

Kangaroos Running Amok

Kangaroos Running Amok

I have a kangaroo. I call him Macky. He just ignores me most of the time.

Kangaroo transport isn’t as reliable as it sounds.

7 Responses to “Kangaroos Run Amok”

  1. Dminor Says:

    Bing here.

    Well, actually. Funny you mention that, Ash. Now having been subjected to Outback Steakhouse for many a year, the last thing I, bing, Dminor’s bro, wanna subject these yanks to, is any kind of confusion, such as you suggested Ash, when you mentioned it’s cheaper to ride a kangaroo than it is to take a car.

    Well, yes, it is cheaper of course. At base price. But let’s assume someone doesn’t have the back yard space. Or perhaps there isn’t one of those so called ‘gra-bars’ (a grass bar) handy? Then taking a kangaroo can be cost inhibititive.

    Now take Obama’s worldwide kangaroo feeding inintiative. It was shown on CNN just hours ago so if you missed it, pfft to you.

    But in that speech, and this is why I love the man (in a non gay way… not that there should be anything wrong with that); he guaranteed that Australian citizens and tourists alike shall continue to have the freedom and opportunity to ride bareback on kangaroos for generations to come.

    And it will only be marginally more expensive than turbo diesel!

  2. Ash Says:

    Bing, mate, you’re forgetting. WA is the only place it’s more expensive to run a kangaroo than a car, and that’s simply because of the ALP’s “FuelWatch”.

    I have the backyard space to run a few kangaroos, and in fact, I think there may be a few loose in the top paddock, so I’m not too worried about gra-bars. They’re around every few hundred metres here, so it’s not too bad down here in Melbourne.

    I like Obama’s initiative, because it makes kangaroos available to the poor, but at what real cost? To do that, we’d need to implement a “GraWatch” initiative, which will cost us, the taxpayers, far, far more, and for no return at all.

    His policies on kangaroos is all over the place. First, he permits us to ride them into the ground, but then he bans us from eating the meat (albeit rightly so because it’s no longer tender… but I digress) because to eat meat upsets the Vegan Left.

    This election cycle would be a killer if that wasn’t morally wrong except in the case of 10-week-old pregnancies.

  3. Paco Says:

    Isn’t the correct expression “hopping amok”?

  4. Ash Says:

    it would be Paco, but after 15 years of hopping (try hopping until your birthday 30 years from now) you’ll understand.

  5. 1.618 Says:

    That’s kinda good don’t you think? It rejuvinates the forest bed they’re helping our forests.

  6. Rebecca H Says:

    Well, I suppose kangaroos have the advantage that, if you can’t afford to ride them anymore, you can always eat them.

    Of course, PETA surely doesn’t approve of this ‘roo slave labor, you know.

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