Leftist Talk Radio Crashes/Burns: Air America Augers In

EPIC, Epic, epic… FAIL, Fail, fail.

I did a screen cap of the entire letter in case the site goes black.

This is the only thing on their site anymore.

Remember a few short years ago when Air America with Al Franken and a cast of millions was going to take on Rush Limbaugh, tap into the great leftist discontent in the US, and insure Democrat rule for a generation?


More here.

3 Responses to “Leftist Talk Radio Crashes/Burns: Air America Augers In”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    The left leaning radio, relies on only one thing, and that is the verbal equvalent of Boosh is evil, and the aural equvalent of you’re a poopy head, cause you dont agree with me.

    What these fools with an intellectual hernia failed to understand is that what conservative commentators (ie Rush Limbaugh) do is to connect with their audience and either re-inforce or challenge their views, concede a point or vocally defend a point. either way they don’t dispute their core beliefs.

    The left leaning commentators need an enemy or some object/person to unload their vitriol, without that their narrative becomes little more than a hostile invective, with that sort of mindset it is no wonder they fail because they need a bogeyman and they need a victim, the current political climate from the conservative base in the USA provides neither, and any narrative the left has becomes redundant.

    Geez i can be articulate when i try. 🙂

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