Not to be confused with the piano player.

That was Mrs Mills.

This is Mrs Miller.

7 Responses to “Not to be confused with the piano player.”

  1. nilk Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Mrs Miller looks eerily similar to the Evil Hag who almost became my mother-in-law.

    That was a bullet dodged if ever there was one.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    LOL! I only made it 20 seconds into that… and it’s 20 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  3. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Florence Foster Jenkins – another name that brought joy to the manufacturers of ear plugs everywhere.

  4. nilk Says:

    Thanks, JM. I really, really love it when people just get out there and do it.

    It’s painful, and cringe-inducing, but by goodness, they’re going to inflict themselves on the world anyway they can.

  5. Maggie Says:

    I made it further than Angus….41 seconds. The comments mention that something funny happens at just over a minute, but I couldn’t do it.

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