There Will Be Blood

By the way, if you happen to catch the new Daniel Day-Lewis flick, There Will Be Blood, this movie was filmed 35 miles southwest of The Beef of God’s residence. In fact, the crew came to see me perform several times while they were filming, and about a dozen or so of my neighbors are extras in the film, now nominated for eight academy awards.

Since I’ve composed a film score before, I know film crews, and these were wild as they come… but cool. We did drive out into the desert south of the Marfa Lights viewing area, smoke some herbage, and run around with party lights to freak out the touristas though.

Hey, even an old religious hermit-musician can get out to paint the town red once in a while.

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Happy Australia Day, Mates…You too, Sam.

[UPDATE:  For those searching for Australian Flag images, our entire collection here.]


*spot says, see Sam Kekovich here.

Onya, Sam…


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Are you ready for Australia Day? (update)

This is mainly for our visitors who are not fortunate enough to be in Australia and who may not have seen Sam Kekovich’s advertisements for Australia Day…




Official Australia Day site here.

UPDATE: Fun Facts About Australia. Shamelessly stolen from Paco.

UPDATE 2: Proposed Australian Tourism Advertisement

UPDATE 3: (as long as we’re at it) The Chaser (via Ash) and Qantas: real and fake

UPDATE 4: Australia Day wishes from local Cottelsoe girl Megan Gale. Sigh.

Megan Gale Australia Day

UPDATE 5: Yet more unabashed Australian nationalism here.

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America’s Marines – Extended Version

This deserves it’s own, dedicated post. Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Again, WordPress does not take this embed code (WTF?!), so go here to watch.

Go to Zombietime and look at the Folsom Street Fair phiotos to see the kind of San Francisco trash who objected to these fine men filming in their city.*

*WARNING!!! Very disturbing images to those of us who are actually human beings. You’ve been warned.

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Kerry: Bill Clinton Is Abusing the Truth…You read the rest, while I go laugh my ass off…

John Kerry, accusing others of “Abusing the Truth“? I can’t stop God Damn laughing.

Sen. Kerry’s 1986 floor speech in the Senate where he talked about spending Christmas in Cambodia as being “searedseared” in his memory.

Kerry, the header of this post…IS “searedseared” in my memory. I can’t stop laughing….

Fox News

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THINK Before You Vote #2

This great article at Pajamas Media by Michael Weiss takes a good look at the liberal left awakening to the fact that Bill Clinton is a total and complete shit-heel… which reminds me.


This is what you get: Not only Bill and Hill, but the creepy feeling that Ellen Degenerate DeGeneres is in there somewhere.

Think about it, and remember…


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Senate Gives Bush Initial Victory In Domestic-Wiretapping Program

WASHINGTON — The Senate rejected an attempt by a number of Democrats to strip from surveillance legislation a provision that would bar lawsuits against phone companies alleged to have helped the government’s warrantless spying, handing President Bush a small initial victory.

In an effort to secure support in the House for the immunity provision, the White House yesterday gave some House lawmakers access to long-sought documents outlining the post-Sept. 11 requests to telecommunications companies and other related documents. The Senate received those documents late last year.

Wall Street Journal

Be thrilled that SOME common sense prevailed, at least for now.

Some here may not even agree with the Patriot Act and all that comes with it. Personally, I look at it this way.

If one has a credit card, they know where you shop, what you purchase, what your credit rating is, obviously WHO you are, where you go, when you go, how you go.

If you pay with or by checks, the same as above prevails, except now, they know where you bank, but then to get the credit cards, they probably knew that already.

DAMN! Did forget one thing. Don’t ever pay a hooker, with check or credit card. I believe, politico Dick Morris did that. Damn near last his Man Card, too.

If you pay with/by cash only, you my friend(s) are under suspicion. Most if not all of the filth that crashed planes into buildings and fields, (thanks to hero’s aboard) paid for things in cash, given to them by their vile cultist leaders, (they still do, by the way. The danger is not nearly over) if I’m not mistaken.

If one has insurance, home(s), car(s), health, life. They know where you live, or own other properties. They know what you drive and how you drive, what vehicles you may own. Have a driver’s license? They know what illness’s you may have, or do have. They know your Doctor or Doctors. They know your age, marital status, in addition to various and  sundry things.

If one has a mortgage or mortgages, see all of the above.

If one has a phone, phone companies know who you call and when and if subpoenaed but someone other then government, (like litigators aka attorneys) they can find out why you called, who you called.

If one has given OR been given blood…Need I go on?

The fact is, is if you are alive, damn near anyone, if NOT everyone knows about you OR can find out about you, in detail, NOW! You have voluntarily given anyone who should want to know, all the information about you, they need to know.

In other words, if you keep your nose as clean as you can AND DON’T call or visit mosques, animals with the name of Osama, anyone called Sheik or Ayatollah, OH and make purchases of things like BOMB BELTS, you should be just fine.

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Has Bill Gone Bull Moose?

All of which reminds us that, despite the grandfatherly white hair and portfolio of good works, Bill Clinton — like most politicians who manage to make it to the White House — has always been possessed of a killer instinct, the ability both to withstand adversity and to finish off an opponent. This is, after all, what a lot of Democrats have always loved about the Clintons. Democratic candidates before and after Clinton have often been content to whine about the opposition’s tactics. Bill Clinton was never like that. He was the Roger Clemens of politics; immensely talented, relentlessly searching for every edge, and not above throwing at your head. The guy knew how to win.

The question now, as I’ve touched on before, is whether Democratic voters will still admire Clinton for that toughness or whether he is writing an epilogue to his own legacy that he may later want to redact. When I interviewed Bill Bradley, an Obama supporter, the other night, he pointedly likened the former president’s behavior to that of a “junkyard dog.” Robert Reich, who is an old law school pal of both Clintons and hasn’t endorsed anyone, accused the ex-president, in a blog post yesterday, of injecting race into the campaign and said his “ill-tempered and ill-founded attacks on Barack Obama are doing no credit to the former president, his legacy or his wife’s campaign.”

The Caucus/NYT

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Hey! You got your redwoods in my solar panels!

I can’t help indulging in a little schadenfreude when envirogreenies turn on each other. It becomes less a matter of principles than about who wins.

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Happy 10th Anniversary to the VRWC!

Bruce Walker at the American Thinker notes that Sunday is the 10th anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s coinage of the infamous term we’ve come to wear with pride: “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.”

Walker reminds us of the origin of the term VRWC:

“This is the great story here for anybody willing to find and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”

–Hillary Clinton (then the First Lady) on the Today show with Matt Lauer, 27 January 1998

Walker continues:

“Thus was born the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Hillary expected serious Americans to believe that the Whitewater convictions (which put a sitting Arkansas governor in prison), the suicide of the Deputy White House Chief Counsel under mysterious circumstances, the unconscionable firing of the White House travel staff, Hillary’s strange acumen in predicting the cattle futures market, an allegation of brutal rape against her husband, the perjury of Bill Clinton in a federal grand jury proceeding, his affair with a White House intern, and the countless other moral debauches of the Clintons were created by some cabal with power greater than the president, the Democratic Party and the huge phalanx of media flacks, fawning Hollywood starlets, militant activists and nihilistic academicians.

“The truth, of course, is different. The “vast right wing conspiracy” or VRWC lives on today, and is vast — it includes tens of millions of intelligent Americans who have been systematically marginalized, demonized and defamed in the public debate about America. It has voices because technology, tenacity and innovation gave it voices, in spite of those who hold most of the levers of power in America.”

“The blogs that disassembled the plan to smear President Bush with forged documents about his National Guard service were open, not secret, about their findings. It was the blindfolded Leftist established press with its nonexistent research departments that yawned while the National Guard hoax was foisted on America a few weeks before the 2004 elections. The patriots who exposed the dubious heroism of John Kerry were slimed, not thanked, by the bureaucracy of Leftism which is CBS, NBS, ABC, CNN and all the other acronyms for mendacity. So, the term “Swift Boated” had come to mean something different from telling the truth, although that is precisely what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did. ”

Walker closes with:

What is the VRWC? It is the heart, soul and minds of millions of muzzled Americans speaking freely after the muzzle has been removed. It is the communion of these millions across lines of religion, race, gender and age who are bound by a common notion of what the American dream really means. The VRWC, unlike the monolith of Leftism, does not march in lockstep but rather as free souls brought together by the values of truth and decency. Happy tenth birthday, fellow members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!”

Happy VRWC Day to all of our favourite fellow VRWC-ists as well, many of whom can be found on our Link Page and Blog Roll. Here’s to another 10 years of keeping the bastards honest!


buy your VRWC gear here!

(via M/M)

UPDATE: Poor John Kerry is still going on about the Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy in the HuffPo:

“I hate the term “Swiftboating.” I hate how the name of the boats we honored when we were in uniform in Vietnam has become a verb for the twisted politics of Karl Rove.”

“But today we need to fight the right wing’s tactics not just to reclaim a word, but to reclaim our democracy.

“Bottom line, we can’t wait until we have a Democratic ticket to combat the right wing’s efforts to “frame” our candidates.”

“Yesterday, I sent out an email to Barack Obama’s email community urging people to fight against the vicious smears from the modern conservative movement (they began in a right wing magazine) that have been bouncing around the Internet for months. . . .

“The right-wing has nothing to offer but fear and smears, and they are gearing up to deliver plenty of it. . . . I think we all know enough about how the right-wing operates to know that this money won’t go to helping voters make informed choices. . . .

“And right now, the most egregious right-wing smears are being spread about Barack Obama. . . .

“We can’t let the right-wing steal another election with lies and distortions.”

As James Taranto adds, “Is Kerry aware of who has been smearing Barack Obama of late? Does he really think the Hillary Clinton campaign sits at the center of the vast right-wing conspiracy?”


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