Who do you like in 08?

This is my first post here at Tizona’s weblog, and I’m grateful for having been asked.  Here’s hoping I don’t embarrass the Sword with my admittedly partisan and subjective blatherings (but, heh, it’s too late now, eh?), especially since I haven’t yet adequately researched all the features WordPress offers.  That’s my usual SOP, though, feet first, so please forgive any newbie mistakes.  I promise to learn. How better to start then, than by vilifying the people who manage to make my news cycle miserable on a regular basis?    Parade magazine has conducted a poll in which readers were asked to rank the most annoying celebrity.  Unsurprisingly, Rosie O’Donnell came in first with 44% of Parade readers’ votes.  AOL conducted a similar poll, and Rosie O won handily at 66% (rather surprising, considering the number of truthers, moonbats, luna-lefties, and assorted other denizens of the Twilight Zone that lurk on AOL), but it doesn’t help that she beat out the likes of Ann Coulter and Paris Hilton (both came in second), and Heather Mills.
She hit back, of course, because nobody disrespects The O’Donnell and gets away with it.  She agreed with the poll that she “might” be most annoying, without acknowledging why people would think so, and then she proceeded to rant against any and all while krill-surfing in her pool.  No doubt in Rosieworld, the readers who voted are probably members of that large segment of America who married their cousins and didn’t get past third grade anyway.
In smaller news, George Clooney won Parade’s “hottest” poll again, with  57% of the vote, with Matthew McConaughey second (27%), and Jake Gyllenhall third (10%).  Jake Gyllenhall?  How can they even tell he’s alive?
Halle Berry is with child.  No mention of a man, but I’m sure there is one.  Small tidbit:  she recently came out as a sufferer of Type I diabetes, the kind that usually strikes in childhood, although she didn’t know until adulthood.  That’s a subject I follow closely, so best wishes to her on that score.
There’s other tabloid news of course, so enjoy.  I generally don’t, because these are people I don’t even want to think about unless they’re appearing in a well-written, engaging movie or TV show that isn’t busy bashing America.  But I promised Tiz a subject, and this is it.
You will have to google the relevant links because I haven’t figured out how to link the ones I want and not link the ones I don’t want.  Sorry.

Help Me Out Here?

A woman who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975 as a statement against what she claimed was the US government’s war against the American left has been released from a California jail, 32 years into her sentence.

I’m particularly intrigued about her motive appears to have been Ford fighting a “war against the American left”.

So if she was worried about Ford, how could she possibly not pose a threat against George W. Bush, who has been quite controversial as President and is hated by the Left with an extreme passion?

The Underpants Gnomes Won’t Be Impressed…

However, I think this is pretty funny.

A large pair of knickers saved the day in northern England after they were used to smother a household kitchen fire.

I’m doing my best to refrain from all the bad, bad, bad jokes I could make about this.

Snowing here…

The snow is coming down at a pretty good clip and since I live within 100 yards or so, of outside the boundaries of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, my elevation will get me the larger of amounts, if this keeps up.

Plus it is going very much below freezing this evening and through the morning hours, with more snow coming as the weather prognosticators have said.

All these damn pretty, now barren trees, with snow or ice, do come down on things…refer to one of the first posts on this subject, you will see one on my roof, with a tree suspended only by the wires that held the damn thing up, from crashing through my roof…BUT it did blow my power. DUH!

Long story shorter…If by some chance I lose power and/or cable. My hopes are that those with access to the Blog, for posting threads (if that is what you would like to call them…lol) please keep the Blog going.

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