Heartless Thieves Steal Quadriplegic’s Van

This is why, I’m a strong advocate, of three justifiable homicides, per year. Would I be on someone’s list…SHIT YES!…I’m on so many shit lists..it really is funny…LOL. BUT F*&^ ‘EM, they’d just have to be better than me, to notch me up.

I do have one question on this video though. If the man is a quadriplegic, how is he able to move his left hand/arm?

Calling Doctor Dminor…Calling Doctor Dminor….


Forget Tupperware: Taser Parties Are the New Craze

Here’s one for the ladies…

purple taser

Dana Shafman, a freelance construction consultant, says she always had a natural interest in self defense products. She loved the idea of the Taser, which would allow her to stop an attacker from across the room without getting physical. She tried moonlighting as a door-to-door Taser saleswoman. But years of negative press about Taser made it tough.

A lot of people, especially women, need time to get comfortable with a unique product like Taser before they’ll consider buying one, Shafman says.

So the Taser party was born.

Taser has been surging on Wall Street two years after the Securities and Exchange Commission concluded its investigation into the company’s safety claims and business practices. Its stock more than doubled in 2007 from a low of $7.44 to a high in 2007 of $19.36 a share.

It launched the C2 in August. Though it packs the same electric punch, the C2 is smaller than the bulky personal stun guns Taser developed years ago, and its sleek exterior makes it look more like an electric razor than a weapon.

They’re legal in every state but New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Washington D.C.

Shafman says many of her women customers love that the C2 is small enough to fit in their purses, and that it comes in a variety of colors. When it comes to choosing weapons, she says, a lot of women want them in pink.

“It’s a girl power kind of thing,” Shafman says. “You’re kind of making a statement: I know I’m a woman. I know I’m the most sought after victim in regards to sexual assault, sexual abuse. So please stay away from me. If in the event you do come after me, I’m going to use my pink Taser to put you on the ground.”


Okay, Girls. I know you’re going to ask. Here’s the Taser Product Site.

–via FoxNews.com


Dangerous Land

It’s a dangerous land, this Australia of ours.

Anything falling from the sky just can’t be good news.

A Matter of Grave Importance

Miriam’s right.

The US needs to do more.

The US needs to act in accordance with the needs and desires of Americans.

Get crackin’ on it, President Bush. Your country needs you.

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