Dolly’s Tour a Bust: Blames Back Breaking Big Boobs

Here at Tizona, the Sword of El Cid, we continue to bring you only the breast best.


Money quote: “But hey, you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don’t have back problems.”

We feel your pain, Dolly. Or, we’d like to.

HT J.M. Heinrichs

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Christ Struck by Lightning in Rio


I’m just waiting for the re-animation of kick in.

He’s aliiiiiiive!

Being such a prominent object on such a high point, I’m guessing this is pretty common. Amazing the photog caught the moment, though.

For Tiz: Epic Boobs

I’m pretty sure this pair is real.


Now that, I like.

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Penn And Teller on Gun Control…


Angus…this goes along with your shit pump truck

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Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently

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