Good Days at the Office

I had a particularly good night at the office tonight, so I decided – outing myself be damned – I’d show you two of my best, “Days at the Office.”

Numero Uno on the list would be a wedding I played on a huge ranch a few miles west of the Pecos River and a few miles south of the border with New Mexico. The bride’s dad owned the place, and he ran electricity way out to the middle of the ranch and built a pavilion there for the ceremony.

Here’s where I was set up… in the middle of nowhere.


Did I mention it was on a ranch? One of my cousins was there.


This was my view. I snapped this at the last possible second before I had to start playing. It was August and about 105 F, but there was a nice breeze and almost no humidity. I’ve played a lot less comfortable gigs.


My number two favorite day at the office was another wedding I played down in Lajitas. The wedding photographer snapped this of me while I was warming up. It was New Years Eve and 74 F, and I’m sitting within 300 yards of the Rio Grande and the border with Old Mexico.


Yes, I am fifty years old and no I don’t look anywhere close to that. I’ve had people ask to see my ID because they were sure I was lying. Mos people guess late thirties, which tickles me plum to death.

I credit the beef. LOL!

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The Name of OUR next Blog (which we can do, even with this one) Animal House…LOL. Is Yours is your new blog. Login as “tizona” using your existing password.

See, told ya’… 🙂

OH. Not to be sexist…. Is Yours is your new blog. Login as “tizona” using your existing password.

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Serbia: US ‘culprit’ in Kosovo violence….Back to you Bill. Bill? Bill?

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Kosovo – Serbia‘s hard-line leaders on Saturday called the U.S. “the main culprit” in the violence that has broken out since Kosovo declared independence.

“The United States is the main culprit … for all those violent acts,” Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo Slobodan Samardzic said in Belgrade.

Other Serbian leaders have called for calm after the riots. But an aide to hard-line Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said any future violence also will be blamed on the U.S.

“If the United States sticks to its present position that the fake state of Kosovo exists … all responsibility in the future will be on the United States,” Kostunica adviser Branislav Ristivojevic said in a statement.


Damn, I apologize…Bill’s a Democrat. Move along, nothing to see here.

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134 pounds worth….Flipping the burger required three men using two steel sheets.


Fox News

Ahmadinejad Calls on U.S. to ‘Apologize’ Over Nuclear Claims….ROTFLMAO.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on the U.S. and its allies Saturday to “apologize” to Iran for accusing it of seeking nuclear weapons — a day after the U.N. nuclear watchdog released its latest report on Iran’s atomic program.

Ahmadinejad said in a televised address to the nation that the best way for the U.S. and its allies to “compensate for their mistakes” is to “apologize and pay compensation.”

Fox News

What would Hussein Obama do? 

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Lefty Toll O’ Rants

I’ve been deleted.

Erased from history.

Just like those buddies of Joseph Stalin who became somwhat of an inconvenience.

Okay, it wasn’t me personally. It was a comment I made about another member’s work at This member and I took opposite sides in the Sorry debate in the forums a couple of weeks back. We’ve not been not communicative since, but I was just scanning through their portfolio to see if there was anything new. I clicked on an image I did rather like since it showed a degree of humour – the comment I left there three months ago has disappeared.

And this from someone who lectured me about freedom of speech with this comment that “funny I thought “Australia Day” meant different things to many people….and that it was acceptable to express your opinions freely in this country….”

Obviously the sight of my name under that pic was too traumatising to endure. Down the memory hole!

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Is Obama lying or just stupid?

Okay, I am not a military man but even I can pick some problems here (I don’t have the longer clip, but he made several statements like the one shown above). I won’t go as far as some have and accuse Obama of flat-out lying — perhaps he has wildly misunderstood or taken out of context a genuine statement by this Army Captain he speaks of. Although, it’s very hard to account for his assertion that “They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.”

IMHO, someone so ill-informed about the US Military, so ideologically-driven and anti-military, is just a sitting duck waiting to be used for political purposes by the next Jesse MacBeth or Scott Beauchamp who comes around.

No wonder the Islamists and Russians want to see him installed as America’s next Commander in Chief.

UPDATE: I actually wrote this post the other day, but held off on putting it up until someone with more knowledge of things military did some fact-checking — and with the way the blogosphere works, I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Ace of Spades HQ has done some fact-checking of this 4-5 year old anonymously-sourced story and of its defender and calls, if not 100% “Bullshit,” then at least “Ludicrous Exaggeration,” along the lines of the Scott Thomas Beauchamp hoax.

UPDATE #2:  On a somewhat lighter note, I’m seeing some scary similarities between Obama and Our Kevni.


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Coming out of the woodwork now, people…Guess WE have managed to touch a few nerves…Love it.

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Now we can all have bionic eyes

Modern science continues to astonish me.

Of course, there’s a downside to having a contact lens that projects images only you can see. For instance, how many times have you been sitting in a stall in a public restroom and heard someone ask a question that you answer, only to realize (blushingly) that person was talking on a cell phone? Imagine someone standing in the middle of a crowd behaving very oddly, flexing hands and fingers, waving arms. Will we have to look closely at their eyeballs to understand that they’re busy calculating on a computer, or searching a map, instead of just plain crazy?

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Statin drugs – do they work?

Readers here may or may not know that I have heart issues (two mild heart attacks in the last five years). So I’m constantly researching new treatments, and investigating my present treatments. Now, I’ve been on statins for quite some time now, and suffered some of the side effects, in the belief that they were helping me. I’m beginning to question that.

No doubt, you’ve heard about the recent Business Week cover story, “Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?”, which blew the lid off the theory that “statins” — drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, Mevacor, Zocor, and Pravachol — can cut the odds that you will die of a heart attack by slowing the production of cholesterol in your body and increasing the liver’s ability to remove L.D.L., or “bad cholesterol”, from your blood.

It’s true that these drugs can help some people — but not nearly as many as we have been told. Moreover, and this is the kicker, we don’t have any clear evidence that they work by lowering cholesterol.

I have never had high cholesterol. This might be due to the fact that my gall bladder was removed in 1969 because of gallstones, but I’m not a medical expert, so I have no way of knowing. The last A1C test showed my LDL levels were well below the danger range (however, HDL, the “good cholesterol”, was also low). Yet, my doctor insists that I stay on Vytorin, among other things, which has been his modus operandi for quite some time (privately, I call him Doctor Feelgood for his propensity to push pills).

In other words, researchers are questioning the bedrock assumption that high levels of “bad cholesterol” cause heart disease. “Higher LDL levels do help set the stage for heart disease by contributing to the building of plaque in artieries. But something else has to happen before people get heart disease,” Dr. Ronald M. Krauss, director of atherosclerosis research at the Oakland Research Institute, told Business Week. “When you look at patients with heart disease, their cholesterol levels are not that [much] higher than those without heart disease,” he added. “Compare countries, for example. Spaniards have LDL levels similar to Americans, but less than half the rate of heart disease. The Swiss have even higher cholesterol levels (must be all that chocolate – ed.), but their rates of heart disease are also lower. Australian aborigines have low cholesterol but high rates of heart disease.”

Interesting, no?

In recent years, researchers have begun to suspect that statins help patients, not by lowering cholesterol leels, but by reducing inflammation. If this theory is right, “this seems likely to shunt cholesterol reduction into a small corner of the overall picture of heart disease,” the Guardian reported four years ago.

An interesting quote from the Guardian article: Finally, statins, the cholesterol-reducing drugs we are all being urged to take, are of little use to women.

But back to the Healthblog article:

And if the key to statins is that they reduce inflammation, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is what other effective heart treatments like aspirin and the omega three fatty acids found in fish oils, garlic and Vitamin E do—at a much lower cost and with far fewer side effects.

Now, I’m not advocating anybody quit taking the medications they might be one without checking with their doctors. But I’m seriously thinking about changing a few things myself. I welcome any thoughts and opinions, especially from our resident physician, Dminor, who might know whether I’m talking through my hat.

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American Among FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Appears in Yemen Court, Walks Free

The 41-year-old Jaber Elbaneh attended a session of the trial for him and 22 other Al Qaeda members charged for a series attacks on oil facilities, an eyewitness said speaking on condition of anonymity because of security concerns.

Footage of the suspect entering and leaving the court unimpeded also appeared on the Dubai-based pan-Arab satellite channel, al-Arabiya.

“He entered the courtroom surrounded by four bodyguards, introduced himself to the judge then he left,” the eyewitness said about Elbaneh who is believed to be living with his family in the province of al-Dalai, some 220 kilometers south of San’a, despite being on trial.

According to the FBI Web site, the State Department is offering up to US$5 million for information leading to his arrest.

Elbaneh was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in November in a lower court on charges of masterminding two attacks in the eastern Marid and Hadramawt provinces in Sept. 2006.

In May 2003, U.S. prosecutors charged Elbaneh in absentia with conspiring with a group, known as the “Lackawanna Six” after their New York state hometown, to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization.

The U.S. then asked Yemen to hand over Elbaneh and while he was subsequently arrested by authorities in January 2004, he was never extradited.

If there was to be any doubt of the trustworthiness of these vile “people”, THIS should erase ANY doubt!

People, remember the middle name of one who seeks the office of President of The United States.


Elbaneh is a former resident of Lackawanna, N.Y. He left the United States in spring 2001 as part of a larger group that traveled to Usama bin Laden’s al-Farooq training camp in Afghanistan.

Fox News

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B-2 Spirit Crashes in Guam

In the first B-2 crash ever, we lost one of the “billion dollar bombers” shortly after takeoff in Guam. Both the pilot and co-pilot ejected safely, and there was no ordinance aboard. One of the crew was evaluated and released, and the other is in stable condition and is expected to be fine.

In such a complex system, I imagine systems errors are to blame, and since the thing is so ultra-computerized – the pilots don’t do dick most of the time – I seriously doubt it was any kind of pilot error. But, we’ll see (Or not – the USAF keeps a tight lid on the actual capabilities of the B-2).

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Determining Gender


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Look! Tiz The GoodObamaBlimp. Just Keep Hitting Refresh or the Message for Good News. Courtesy…Guess Who…OK OK…Tiz, J.M.

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Public Service Announcement

Ah, yes. That time of year again. In case anyone’s missed it, the 2008 SI Swimsuit Issue is out. And, maybe not safe for work, click here to download your personal, customizable SI Swimsuit Desktop Calendar. And, let’s hear it for Global Warming.

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Fran’s Little Soapbox

Here you go Fran. Your own soapbox to explain away the Ice Age and Medieval Warming Period, as well as whatever else crosses your mind.

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Triplets born to teenager – again

I thought 24 year-old grandmothers in our remote aboriginal communities was shocking, but this?

Not yet 17, she has SEVEN children all under three years old.

Happy Ending!

I’ve been scared, and I’ve been really scared, and I’ve been this-is-it-I’m-going-to-die scared – caught in a rip at age 17, I barely had enough life worth putting into the projector so it could pass before my eyes.

Even that, however, pales into insignificance beside the horror that clutched at me when I saw this in the side panel at Bolta’s blog:

My passion for Julia

If there is a God, and He is merciful, I will not be confronted again in this life by any combination of four words with the horrific gut-twisting power of that sentence.

Like a passerby at a car accident, I knew I would be appalled, sent reeling by what I saw if I were to look.

I looked.

And what I found in the comments made me laugh like – well, like a man reprieved.

Thanks to Alan of Sydney for passing along an early contender for Put Down Of The Year.

Jules stands up in QT the other day and holds up a bunch of WorkChoices mouse-mats and smugly asks,
“Well, what are we supposed to do with 100,000 of these?”

Big Jules was smirking so hard she makes Costello’s smirk look like he’s frowning!

Anyway, from the opposition backbench comes the reply:
“Well you could give them away with all your computers to the schoolkids”.

I thought Speaker Jensen was going into an apoplectic spasm such was his attempted containment of bursting into hysterical laughter.

The house erupted. Poor Jules, instead of winning the moment, fell into a stunned heap of glory denied.

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