Lobely Lefties

I posted this at my own personal site yesterday, but since no one else is posting here, I thought it’d be worth a run.

Hyar she blows…

This was first brought to general attention yesterday. It’s about halfway down the page. LOBES!!! After further research, it is clear there definitely IS something between Leftards and their ears. It is clear that there IS more to it than the well-known Lefty head tilt. Photo analysis proves this to be true. That’s NSW Green Party would-be senator Lee Rhiannon. Her parents were commies. However, Reds under the beds with lobes like robes is not by any means a one-off phenomenon. More photographic evidence under the fold.

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Kevin Rudds downfall

I dont care how old the joke is, this is a classic.

“Gingers have no souls..” LOL…

Edit: Try this liknk, youtube are playing silly buggers with the embed for this


BER: 50% of budget disappears

More waste from Rudd and Gillard’s $16.2 billion so-called Building the Education Revolution…

My BER mole states that stuff is being built for about $1.4 million, dropped down from $1.7 million + GST but the NSW government website has the same stuff budgeted at around $3 million to $3.2 million. That’s a heck of a difference even if one allows for the 6% “managing contractor’s” fee and the builder’s 11% profit margin. But $1.5 million??? Thus, the question on everyone’s lips is, “Where is all the money going?” The builders can’t say. Not even the managing contractors can say. Does Julia know? One thing is for sure, but. Julia’s $14 million so-called inquiry? Add that money to the amount that has been wasted on this BER scandal.

BER Mole:

Seriously, I have no idea where 50% of the project cost has gone. Granted this makes my employer look bad as the builder, but what does that say about the Project Manager for the government when the cost of managing the project equals the project value?

And then we have employees of the Reed Group receiving massive cash bonuses of up to $1 million. The Reed Group is a major advertiser on 2GB, the radio station that hosts Alan Jones’ breakfast show and also Ray Hadley. Someone please tell me this isn’t why Jones changed his tune on all of this.


He [Reed Group’s Bob Leese] said the seven managing contractors he had appointed via a tender process had worked very well.

BER Mole:

The BER is a farce not from the point of the guys building it, it is from the people who are supposed to be managing it.

With the ratio of project managers 10 times the standard industry ratio, and with over-worked project managers signing cheques left right and centre, this was always going to end, er, not so nicely.

This fetid BER mess stinks more by the minute. Heads must roll. Rudd’s and Gillard’s first.

(With thanks to my mole and Merylin Williams.)


Anne Connolly has some interesting articles on this, too.

An inquiry? Nothing short of a Royal Commission will get to the bottom of this, but there’s so much money involved – this is arguably Australia’s biggest scam ever – that I wouldn’t even trust that until another government is in power.

BER Mole:

It is fairly typical of any government contract, amateurs trying to contract the inept to oversee the professionals.

Perhaps so. But this time we’re talking over $16 billion of taxpayer money being wasted on a program with massive systemic failures being executed on a national level. That’s about an $800 rip-off for every man woman and child in Australia.

And on one hand we have private schools receiving a huge wad of cash, but they are able to choose their architect, choose what they want built, and choose who builds it. And they are getting value for money. On the other hand, we have the public schools being dictated to as to what will be built, who’ll design it, and who’ll build it, and we are seeing massive cost blowouts.

This is a “plan” that was rushed out by complete incompetents, that has been managed like kids managing a candy store, and how dare Gillard and Rudd get away with it.


For sure, this is not directly and solely related to this BER, but Labor has taken a massive hit in the NSW by-elections. Unprecedented, in fact. More than 25% swings. Any other time that would be astonishing, but not now.

And there’s every chance (unfortunately) the stuff on this blog will never go mainstream. But it’s quite something that it may not even need to.

*cross-posted with minor editing

Kevin Rudd, on the nose in Kalgoorlie.

I was in Kalgoorlie last night with the missus and boy so he could attend his graduation ball (yes, we have our ball way before the end of the year, for reasons unknown). After we embarrassed him by taking multiple photos we went for a meal/movie/walk around Kal. (D managed to fit in being bitten by a dog as well)

In the centre of Kal is an intersection with 3 pubs, one of them “The Palace” has a “ticker tape” mounted under the balcony which usually shows the various prices of the different metals mined in the area, as well as some share prices for the various companies.

Tonight was different.

It appears Kevin and his “super unemployment in the mining industry Tax” are a little on the nose.

“D” took a short clip of the ticker as it listed Mr Rudds more popular achievements.

Heres the results of part of a survey companies questions of the resource tax. As you can see its the Greens and Labour that think its a wonderful idea overall.

This tax appears to play straight to Labors heartland/greens voters, hardly the most likely to be resources workers. The Nationals did surprise me a little, there are some strong anti-miner sections in that group.


Speaking with the blokes on my  mine site I can Honestly say Rudd in on a hiding here in WA. The systematic shafting of our major industry, on top of a reduction in our GST share in the same year is toxic for his party.

Bats are burning.

4 corners, the long running current affairs show, ripped Rudd a new hole last night. Hes been exposed as a shonky little operator who KNOWINGLY put lives at risk in order to shovel out money and grandstand. 

The show didnt let the installers off the hook either, with some shonky practices being exposed there as well. 


I have a few excerpts and links below, but for me this last exchange between the parents of a dead installer and Kevin shows just how manifestly unworthy of high office Rudd is. 

..More than six months after the death of their son, the Fullers are still searching for answers. It’s taken them to Canberra and into what they thought was a private meeting with Greg Combet. 

KEVIN FULLER, MATTHEW’S FATHER: Kevin Rudd burst into the meeting after about 15 minutes and sat right next to me and he didn’t, he didn’t remember my name, so I shook his hand and said it’s Kevin, it’s not that difficult to remember type logic. Ah same as his, you’d think he’d remember that one. 

CHRISTINE FULLER, MATTHEW’S MOTHER: I can’t even remember what he said, it was nothing important. Yeah, we we told him we held him responsible, um and that we would we and I’m sure the other families of the other young lads would like a public apology. We’ve never had a a public apology, an admission that they’ve stuffed up, you know. 

WENDY CARLISLE (to Kevin Fuller): Did he personally apologise to you in that meeting? 


WENDY CARLISLE (to Kevin Fuller): No expression of sorrow? 

KEVIN FULLER, MATTHEW’S FATHER: Ah there may have been, in it’s an unfortunate or um you know talking around the issue and around the program, but no looking in my eyes or Christine’s eyes and saying I’m sorry. Even sorry for your loss would’ve been good. 

Heres the full transcript, and a link to the site. The episode can be watched here


Update: My just how sincire do you think this apology is? Nothing to do with any criticism of last night 4 Corners at all eh??

Speaking in Sydney today, Mr Rudd apologised on behalf of the Government.

“Certainly, when it comes to the Fuller family, I am deeply sorry for what has occurred,” he said.

“The Government and ministers and myself are deeply sorry for the loss of life that has occurred, and that goes to the loss in the Fuller family and the other families as well.

“Nothing, no action actually brings those loved ones back.”

Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said it was disgraceful, weak and hollow that Mr Rudd did not express sorrow to the Fullers.

“I have said the Prime Minister of Australia is a creep … because he was with people who had suffered a tragedy.

“That tragedy was intimately associated with a program which was designed and botched by the Government and the Prime Minister, and he couldn’t look them in the eyes,” he told ABC television.


Hes the worst PM weve ever had bar none.

highlights under the fold 

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Turdfingers strikes again!

Kevin Rudd is now officially turdfingers, pretty well every project his government has touched has turned to shit.

Turdfingers in action.

Im indebted to Bolt commenter “BBP of Omnipresent” for this wonderful list of turdfingers achievements.

1.  Grocery Watch
2.  Fuel Watch
3.  Never taking Japan to Court over whaling as promised. We have now re-issued our threat. Guess when our “deadline” for Japan to stop it is? After the next election.
4.  Talking up inflation in early 2008 leading to two rate rises just before the GFC, making it worse.
5.  Wasting $900 cheques on dead people and people who live overseas.
6.  Unlimited Bank Guarantees freezes people’s cash in non-deposit taking institutions.
7.  Stimulus spending totally out of proportion to Australia’s situation during the GFC. Now we are paying for it with rising interest rates. Not to mention taxes will never be cut until the debt is cleared, in say … 10yrs, 20yrs ? Who knows.
8.  Green Loans Scheme shelved and Wong announces an audit into frauds. A tiny number of loans were granted at a cost of how many millions of dollars to set up the scheme?
9.  Prior to 2007 he was a “fiscal conservative”. After election and after GFC, he wrote a ludicrous essay claiming that “neo-capitalism” was evil. You can’t have it both ways. If you were a fiscal conservative in 2007, then you were a neo-capitalist too !
10.  Pink bats – people die, electrified houses, houses burn down, fake insulations get paid. Garrett demoted after Rudd said he was a “first class minister” and that Rudd would “take responsibility” for the scheme’s failure! No compensation for industry yet.
11.  BER – Building the Education Revolution (or Builder’s Early Retirement) fund rorts. Eg. $900,000 for a single new class room. And it was a pre-fabricated.
12.  Crazy boat people policy. When Howard left Christmas Island was a ghost town. There are now over 2500 I think. They are building more beds there too, and others have been transported to Villawood and some air force base in the outback.
13.  Child care centres at schools broken promise. 38 will be built, not 260.
14.  Failed ETS/Copenhagen debacle. 143 were taken to Copenhagen. Count ‘em … However, as soon as public opinion shifted, the great moral challenge of our time became no urgent problem at all.
15.  Promise not to means test the private health insurance rebate broken.
16.  Means testing the baby bonus sucks the big one.
17.  Promise to “take over” the health system by “mid-2009”
18.  New health policy to “stop the blame game” actually means a 60/40 Fed/State funding split and management of hospitals to be by state controlled Local Boards. So when waiting times don’t come down or someone dies because they are sent home early from hospital, does that mean it is because the Feds aren’t putting in enough cash, or the State isn’t? Or is it because the State isn’t properly controlling the Local Boards, or is it because the Local Boards aren’t doing a good job. What a complete joke.
19.  Former Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, basically admitted being bribed by female Chinese government official. Fitzgibbon forced to resign.
20.  National Broadband Network. Initial cost was under $10b I think. Now $43b. The only player capable of handling it, Telstra, was rejected, then accepted back, and now is in limbo. The NBN does not have a business plan. That means no one knows whether it will add value to the economy, and if it does, no one knows when that might be.
21.  Spent the last 10 years criticising Costello’s ability. Then appoints him to control the Future Fund.
22.  Tantrums because he doesn’t have a hair dryer or because he got the wrong meal on a plane.
23.  Lies about Abbott taking $1b out of health when he was minister.
24.  Lies about those boat people who were taken to Indonesia on Oceanic Viking not receiving a “special deal” to get them off the boat. They were all processed in 4wks weren’t they (and granted visas)? What’s the usual timeframe? 3-4 months?
25.  He appoints a former Labor member, and family friend, Quentin Bryce, as GG – the most important apolitical, impartial, position in Australia. Then has her travel to Africa to promote his political agenda and personal ambitions – 10 nations, 19 day lobbying tour to drum up support for Rudd’s push to gain a non-permanent seat for Australia on the UN Security Council.
26.  All time record levels of public debt and annual budget deficits, with the economic wizard, Wayne Swan, in control of managing it.
27.  Every primary school child gets a laptop. Bugger all have. And most of them can’t connect to the internet with it.
28.  Playing politics with the Henry Tax Review. Not releasing it until very close to the May budget, no doubt in the hope that the Budget news will drown out anything nasty in the HTR.
29.  Giving Toyota Aust $15m to help build a hybrid Camry, that even Toyota said they didn’t need because they had already started building it.
30.  Industrial laws that prevent teenagers working after school because if they work less than a 3 hour shift, Gillard’s laws say they are being exploited !
31.  Industrial laws that give Unions a statutory right to enter any employer’s site. That is, even if the employer owns the land or has a right to exclusive possession, they cannot prevent them from entering. On their own land !
32.  Insane levels of expensive trips overseas for the PM.
33.  2020 Summit in Canberra. Countless ideas were produced. PM said everyone of them would be the subject of consideration and a written response by the government. A paltry amount have got their written response – since January 2008. To my knowledge, none of the ideas have been implemented.

Not a bad list all up, I cant think of anything extra to add to it…yet.

Update, but another Bolt commenter has: 

“$842 million spent on a new computer system for the tax office which has resulted in processing delays and 140,000 assessments but no refund cheques been sent to taxpayers and relaxation of laws allowing temporary residents and student visa holders buying residential property pricing Australians out of the market.”

Not to worry though, Turdfingers has seen the necessity for a new Australian government run airline, the prototypes are under the fold.

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So why did Rudd relax the laws in the first place?

Better late than never, but all this could have been avoided.

KEVIN Rudd has reopened one of the most controversial Howard-era detention centres, the Curtin facility in Western Australia, in an attempt to send a clear signal to prospective asylum-seekers that Australia is toughening up its refugee policies.

Rudd would never say as much, but essentially he has vindicated Howard. And not a moment too soon considering the number of asylum-seekers has gone up five-fold, and the centre on Christmas Island is literally overflowing since Rudd’s heart started bleeding.

And what does this actually seem more about? This just looks like more Rudd spin. He hasn’t indicated that he’ll actually change any of the policies (laws?) that he so disastrously weakened over a year ago. Rather than “toughening up its refugee policies”, this smacks of a PM applying a band-aid solution to a gunshot wound. With the same weakened laws in place, and no will to change them, Rudd has no other option than to open up more accomodations. One doubts this sends a clear message at all, other than, “Keep coming, guys, we’ve made more beds available.”


An insight from someone who worked in a detention centre, what it’s really like, and some of the types Rudd has let in.



MSM begins catching on to Rudd’s BER fiasco

This is good stuff. To the best of my knowledge, the gargantuan sums of Aussie taxpayer dollars being frittered away by Rudd’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) was first revealed publically right here back on February 4th. Finally, after a couple of emails, Andrew Bolt made mention of it almost a month later on March 3rd. And now, it looks like the floodgates are opening.

After Bolt’s March 3rd mention, it came up again last Sunday, and again today in one of Bolt’s columns. This is important since it’s his columns, and not his blog posts, which are reprinted in various newspapers around the country, noteably in Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

And right under that column is another post covering the massive cost blow-outs schools are experiencing. Yet, I’ll argue again that this was inevitable thanks largely to Rudd’s pathetic scope of works coupled with massive government incompetence in other areas such as delayed decision making, and massively overwhelmed government-appointed project managers who’ve been having to handle up to ten times the workload a project manager would normally be entrusted with.

Even better, if one clicks the links on Bolt’s March 7th post, they go to not another Murdoch newspaper, but to rival paper the Sydney Morning Herald. Those links can be found here.

Not to be out-done, Sydney’s Daily Telegrapgh is onto it today also, as is The Australian.

So yes. A full five weeks after it was first (to the best of my knowledge) brought to any public attention here, this – dare we call it BERgate? – story is finally gaining the traction it deserves.

PS In case you missed them, there are four other posts here highlighting various aspects of what this blog has coined Rudd’s Education Devolution. They can be found here, here, here, and here.

Of course, ultimate thanks has to go to the mole who first contacted me about this, who first delivered the facts about this, and who patiently answered many a dumb question. Cheers. You know who you are.

Cross-posted at James Board.

Rudd’s scope of works vs a real scope of works

This is for his Building the Education Revolution (BER). The difference is staggering and a big reason why Aussie taxpayers could easily end up paying double the original $14.7 billion announced.

Read the whole enchilada.

Kevin Rudd vs school children: FAIL

The Australian PM has been caught out telling a whole stack of porkies to school kids on a show that aired the other night called Q&A. He was even a bit rattled at points, although that might be the case because the school kids were asking better questions than his propaganda department the media usually do.

Here’s a link to the show, and here’s Andrew Bolt with the whole enchilada.

One thing, but. At least he could get through a sentence without using a teleprompter.

Cross-posted at bing’s love shack.

Rudd’s education devolution

His Building the Education Revolution was set to cost around $15B. That figure could easily double and an industry insider knows why.

And this is just the start of it.

US Citizen? Sign the petition against cap n’ trade

If you’re a man-made global warming sceptic, or if you think the science perhaps isn’t settled, or if you are worried about a potential communist world government, or if you are worried about giant non-sovereign world taxes being imposed on all of us, or if you think the governments of this world already have too much power, or even if you’re not convinced yet either way, and don’t want a road paved that there’s no turning back on in just two short weeks, then sign this petition.


People literally right now are speaking at Copenhagen presenting the other side to this man-made CO2-driven man-made climate change/global warming argument. They will also be speaking tomorrow. Time is of the essence.


This post differs from the original. It came from watching the latest Monckton videos (the end of Part 4 of which part 1 was posted by 1.6 below), about a GLOBAL problem – but unfortunately only US citizens can sign that petition. Hence, first update removed, replaced with this.

Kevin Rudd lands in Copenhagen ahead of summit

Houston, the sparrow has landed.

ETS bill defeated!


UPDATE – same link

KRudd now has a double dissolution trigger.

UPDATE II – same link.

Krudd will try again in February, after the break (that’s considerably longer than most of us get).


Bolt’s take.

Tim’s take.


Tony Abbott is now on twitter. It was announced on his Facebook page.

With thanks to Tizona editor-in-hiatus, Spot the Dog.

Man-made CO2

Anthropogenic CO2 – around only 5% of all CO2 – runs at about 15 ppm – that’s fifteen parts per million or 0.0015% – of the earth’s atmosphere. How batshit crazy do you have to be to think that reducing that 0.0015% will make even the slightest difference to average global temperature, especially when you have that big orange ball in the sky – our sun – constantly changing its output? Let alone changes in the earth’s orbit and wobble, and natural changes in ocean temperatures.

And yet Copenhagen is barely more than a month away. Potentially lots of money for some but certainly not for us.

And back in Australia, Rudd still wants to impose a massive job-killing tax on everything and everyone. A massive tax because Australia produces about 1.5% of total global man-made carbon dioxide output. Yes, that’s 1.5% of 15 ppm – 0.0000225% of the atmosphere.

Astounding. And insidious.

Having trouble vizualizing those numbers? Here’s a good vid to help out.

Divide the smaller of the two amounts of red rice by about 65 and you’ll get Australia’s contribution. Yeah, that’s right. Time to break out the HD plasma.

And just in case you haven’t seen this yet.


There’s a new study out suggesting even Neptune might play a part in climate change on Earth.

The point is this: with so many variables that we likely don’t fully understand – sun, oceans, orbits, wobbles, cosmic rays, possibly even the other planets now, and most probably a whole host of others we don’t yet know about, all going about their various cycles and cycles within cycles – to go to all this bother and consequent pain (if Al Gore et. al. get their way) all over a piddly amount of man-made CO2 is utterly, utterly ridiculous.

H/T Reader Greg over at Bolt’s palace.

Mr Rudds trouble with the truth (the nephew edition)

Mr Rudd the PM has a troubling nephew quite happy to ride the coattails of his rellies fame to his own enrichment.


Van Thanh Rudd is a leftist weasel of the first order, his “artworks” about as sophisticated as a feces flinging primate at a larger and prawn curry night.

The artist hard at work...

The artist hard at work...

More under the fold…much more…

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Stop the ETS

The ETS, aka Emissions Trading Scheme, is a tax that will be imposed on all Australian people, and any company trading in Australia, who/that use CO2.

Science tells us only 0.04 percent of the atmosphere is CO2. Science tells us only 5 percent of total CO2 is man-made. It is obvious man-made CO2 does NOT cause climate change. Australia contributes 1 percent of man-made CO2. Stop this useless ETS TAX.


Dead or Alive?

… You’re coming with RoboKev.

Not just a robot.


Please explained.

RoboKev explained.

Gettin’ hip and down with the Rudd

Kev gets groovy.

Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate, if you were to compare what this government has done in terms of the promotion of women of talent and ability compared with our predecessors, it’s chalk and cheese. . . fair shake of the sauce bottle mate.”

Worried about Gordo?

Or is it this Gordo?

Kevvie in Kontrol.

Kevvie took a flying visit to my old home town to spruik a project that has already been underway for about 10 years now.


The Okajee project is a port development which is badly needed, at the moment 3 incompatible items (wheat, talc and iron ore) are brought through the centre of town to be shipped out of a too small port.


The development has run into the usual decade of greenie protests, fisherman’s groups and others all tying it up. The money announced by Krudd is “new” only in the sense it hadn’t been announced yet.


Still Kevvie took a flight to Geraldton to announce the development (again?), and that’s where it gets interesting.  The local paper heard a rumour Mr Rudd was to fly in, so they attempted to see if that was correct or not. They couldn’t get an answer from Kevvies minders. So the local newspaper couldn’t be informed of Kevs visit?

Now I’m not aware of anybody threatening the PM in Gero, so this smacks of Rudds spin team leaping into action and ensuring only their version of the visit is “fed” to the public. No-one (publicly anyway) was aware of the visit, so there was no chance of Mr Rudd confronting any ferals protesting against the project or any other of the “great unwashed public” who might have spoiled his carefully stage-managed visit. The paper did get a shot of him getting off the plane though, waving to an imaginary crowd.

Fortunately Geraldton weather was at its best and gave Mr Rudd a complimentary blow dry as he stepped off the plane. (either that or Wron was doing a super job on the VRWC weather control device) I wonder if a hair dryer had to be found before his next appointment?


Waving to who? His visit wasnt announced, so is it an imaginary cheering crowd?

Waving to who? His visit wasnt announced, so is it an imaginary cheering crowd?


I am a little concerned that this man and his team are such control freaks they wont even inform the local media of a visit intended to hand out good news.

Apparently theres a bit more in the local paper regaurding how they werent told anything today, but unless they put it online I cant confirm that.

Kevvie’s new bedside book

Obama could use the same one.

Obama could use the same one.


Another useful parody generating site, make your own dummies books.

Oh please

On the CNN International newsbar today…

Australia unveils nation-building budget

So the biggest deficit since World War II, $58 billion, a turnaround from a $20 billion surplus just two years ago, a bill our grandkids’ kids will probably still be paying for, and the likely prospect this deficit will only increase is somehow seen as ‘nation-building’ by CNN. Admittedly, KRudd and the Duck are boosting some infrastructure, but cripes CNN, that’s one hell of an angle you’ve chosen there.

Still, we’ve come to expect this from them, haven’t we?

(PS I’ll put a pic up when I get home from work if ya’ll interested.)



All whilst eating lunch, too.

All whilst eating lunch, too.


Mmmmm, Braaaaaaains!

Mmmmm, Braaaaaaains!

Carbon captured

Hot off the press! Carbon capture for Gaia-raping coal-fired power stations is now possible! Think of it as a tissue for Gaia.

Gaia wipes away her tears! Rudd can finally implement his CPRS caper. The ultimate liberation of our tax dollars, taxing the air we breathe, once just a mere pipe dream, is finally only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Thank you, Al Gore. Thank you, Great Leader Kevin Rudd.


Tizona’s weblog has a leaked document of just what this carbonering capturing techamalogical technology will look like once Rudd implements it (after he’s finished selling us out to China).

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KRudd is the biggest fuckwit in Australia. No doubt.

Ive been keeping an eye on this story for a while, and had argued with a lefty mate that not even KRudd could be stupid enough to sign up for this particular UN treaty.


I was wrong.


Mr KRudd has effectively made 90% of Australians second class citizens in their own country. Bear with me, as I pick apart the treaty that is related to this news item, and its likely devastatingimpact on Australia.


Australia to support UN Indigenous rights declaration

Australia will next week officially back the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, reversing the Howard Government’s vote against it in 2007.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin will make a statement on Australia’s change in position on April 3 at Parliament House in Canberra. ….

….Australia was a key player in drafting the declaration in the 1980s and 90s but the Howard government eventually chose to vote against it in 2007.

It was one of only four countries including the United States, Canada and New Zealand to do so.


Great weve signed up for a treaty so excremental not even Canada or New Zealand would sign it…..

We are so screwed

We are so screwed

Below the fold for the longer version. Read the rest of this entry »

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