I present to you, Dr. Yvon…ummm…Gregory


OOOPPPPSSS! Wrong picture….Fixed Now.

These works of art, are stunning….Gregory’s too.

RedBubble.com Gregory

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10 Responses to “I present to you, Dr. Yvon…ummm…Gregory”

  1. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    (Lost for words)

  2. tizona Says:

    Yea, I know, she’s a beaut, ain’t she?…LOL.

  3. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    If I wasn’t stuck looking at the camera like this I’d have a great view…

  4. tizona Says:

    You God Damn fool.ROTFLMFAO.

  5. Angus Dei Says:

    I really like The Black Queen. There are just so many scales you can choose to look at “her” on.

    I think a whole set of playing cards like this would be killer.

  6. Rebecca H Says:

    OOH! Pretty colors!

  7. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Thanks for the compliments.
    I am often surprised at what grabs the people’s fancy among my pieces. This one:
    http://www.redbubble.com/people/gregoryno6/art/441822-3-colour-by-the-cable was nothing special to me; I put it up mostly because it reminded me of a packet of plasticine. It’s among my most viewed works and has gathered more comments than any other. Go figure!

  8. Angus Dei Says:

    Same deal with music, Swinish. I never cease to be amazed which of my pieces folks like – often little trifles to me – and what they say my music reminds them of – often nothing I would have ever thought of. That’s one of the reasons I stopped giving my pieces descriptive titles. Why limit the audience’s imagination?

  9. nilk Says:

    Although I tend more to the industrial side of art (to look at, not make), you’ve got some beautiful work there, Swinish.
    This one I like.

    And I am so going to spend up on your tshirts. 🙂 I know quite a few who would be the perfect recipients for a few of them.

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