Sicily’s Mafia ‘restoring US links’. This is a lie! A Bald Faced Lie!

Brunettini Giuseppe, Sergio Corallo, Antonino Chiappara, Filippo Casamento, Giovanni Simone, Nicola Di Salvo, Melchiorre Guglielmini, Tommaso Lo Presti, Gaetano Savoca, Vincenzo Savoca, Giovanni Lo Ve

No one in my family knows a single one of these pictured. Although the individual bottom left does favor my   Ahem…Never mind.

As I was saying. This article is another example of the NYT BBC wasting time (or is it Newsweek) on complete and utter nonsense. BBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

A suspect is led away by FBI agents during an operation in Italy and the US, New York 7 February 2008

US authorities detained more than 80 suspects

The commission says it has evidence Cosa Nostra is sending its top members to New York while allowing those expelled by the mob during the clan wars of the 1980s to return home to Sicily.

Their report says that many US food distribution and construction firms are now controlled by the US Cosa Nostra, whose bosses are of Sicilian origin and have direct links.

And while Cosa Nostra still maintains its control over the lucrative drugs trade and its traditional activities of extortion and racketeering, it is now diversifying into new industries like online gambling.

Angela Napoli, a member of the anti-mafia commission, says the work to defeat Cosa Nostra falls on the Italian politicians – who must do more – and on the very brave witnesses who come forward to give evidence.

Lies! ALL Lies, I say.

(As you see in the second picture, cousin Vinny is quite popular. All his friends escort him everywhere, they just can’t get enough  of Vinny. The very fact that Vinny is looking down at a gum rapper some filthy uncaring person, just tossed away, shows the goodness and compassion that fills the heart of my cousin Vinny.)


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4 Responses to “Sicily’s Mafia ‘restoring US links’. This is a lie! A Bald Faced Lie!”

  1. Paco Says:

    S-a-y! Paco Enterprises is already paying protection money. Don’t tell me rates are about to go up, again?

  2. Ash Says:

    The sooner everyone realises that everything that happens is run by either Sicily or Paco, the better.

    Some projects they even work together on.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    “Some projects they even work together on.”

    I think the word is simpacoto.

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