Billy Ocean Get Out Of My Dreams

I’ve damn near memorized this…’cause there’s a telemarketer that is pissing me off by calling…I don’t answer the phone of course…But I’m gonna’ damn soon.

Obama Resigns Church Membership in Chicago. What a guy, huh?

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have resigned their membership at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, FOX News has confirmed, after controversies stemming from the congregation created a persistent distraction for Obama’s campaign.

The criticism started with the sermons of his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., but Obama’s pastor problems were compounded this week by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, whose videotaped guest sermon at the church Sunday showed him taunting Hillary Clinton and saying she felt she was “entitled” to the presidency because she’s white.

Obama said he was deeply disappointed by the remarks and Pfleger apologized, but Clinton’s campaign still demanded Obama specifically reject the latest remarks.

By resigning his membership, Obama is taking the most definitive stand to date against the church.

He already has roundly condemned Wright.

Videos of Wright’s sermons, in which he claimed the U.S. government created HIV to exterminate black people and said “God damn America,” threatened to derail Obama’s campaign when they first surfaced in March.

Fox News

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After Caesareans, Some Women See Higher Insurance Cost

When the Golden Rule Insurance Company rejected her application for health coverage last year, Peggy Robertson was mystified.

“It made no sense,” said Ms. Robertson, 39, who lives in Centennial, Colo. “I’m in perfect health.”

She was turned down because she had given birth by Caesarean section. Having the operation once increases the odds that it will be performed again, and if she became pregnant and needed another Caesarean, Golden Rule did not want to pay for it. A letter from the company explained that if she had been sterilized after the Caesarean, or if she were over 40 and had given birth two or more years before applying, she might have qualified.

In response to questioning, Golden Rule Insurance Company spokesperson, Dr Josef Mengele said WE stand by our decision.

What horseshit! This Insurance Company, should have its ability to sell insurance stripped, sued and it directors sentenced to a MAX prison where they can play…BUTT BINGO!


Al-Qaida’s stance on women sparks extremist debate

FINALLY…Talk of womens rights….

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida’s refusal to include – or at least acknowledge – women in its ranks, in an emotional debate that gives rare insight into the gender conflicts lurking beneath one of the strictest strains of Islam.

In response to a female questioner, al-Qaida No. 2 leader Ayman Al-Zawahri said in April that the terrorist group does not have women. A woman’s role, he said on the Internet audio recording, is limited to caring for the homes and children of al-Qaida fighters.

His remarks have since prompted an outcry from fundamentalist women, who are fighting or pleading for the right to be terrorists. The statements have also created some confusion, because in fact suicide bombings by women seem to be on the rise, at least within the Iraq branch of al-Qaida.

A’eeda Dahsheh is a Palestinian mother of four in Lebanon who said she supports al-Zawahri and has chosen to raise children at home as her form of jihad. However, she said, she also supports any woman who chooses instead to take part in terror attacks.


Honey, baby…They said BLOW JOB…not Blow UP…BUT I’ve seen your picture which won’t load on Wordy…Ummmm, uglier then a can of smashed assholes, you are. So God Damn ugly…I’d strap the bomb to your ass, myself…Fuck…and I haven’t eaten yet…may not, now…Brrrrrr, u-g-l-y.

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture VI

St Patrick’s Cathedral

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Tarantula on the Wall… then, In My Living Room

So, I come home from the gig this evening and find this beauty on the brick wall just outside of my front door.

The right edge of the pic is about four inches from my front door. I have an outer screen door, and the inner wooden one. Since it’s summertime and quite pleasant out tonight, I had the inner door open – the back door too, so I get good flow of fresh air – well, about 90 minutes later I detect movement in the lower right corner of my vision (I’m sitting at my computer station watching an old Chuck Connors western). Guess who?

The plastic mat is the thing I roll my desk chair around on, and the leg is my music stand. It’s over thirty feet from the front door to this point – on the oppsoite side of my desk from the door – so the little critter had to go all the way down the entrance hall, across the living room, and behind my desk to emerge at this point. Sneaky.

Well, I almost stepped on a tarantula getting out of the shower one morning, and she scared me so bad I killed her double-indemnity dead… I’ve always felt bad about that. Tarantulas are great to have around, because they eat the real dangerous spiders we have out here, like Black Widows and the infamous Brown Recluse. So… I grabbed a shoe box, got a fork to prod her into the open with, and then released her on the back porch.

The back porch was evidently where she was headed anyway. Glad to help out. As the Nike box says, “Just Do It.”

And, just because redheads make me insane…

That’s one of the cutest redheads I’ve seen in quite a while. Even her eyebrows are red. That just slays me.

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Dueling Outtakes: Carol Burnett versus Harvey Korman

In honor of the late, great comedic genius of Harvey Korman, I give you this hilarious outtake sequence from the old Carol Burnett show. And, to think, I thought she was pure as the wind-driven snow when I was a kid.

I could watch stuff like this for hours on end.

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the end

  1. wronwright quietly enters Tim’s old blog.  He stops.  And thinks. 

    Damn it, where is it?  I know it’s still here.  I checked every box and every single article when they were being loaded onto a Daily Telegraph truck and I didn’t see one keg.  So it’s got to be here.

    Oh gee whiz.  It’s come down to this.  Okay, fine, I’ll try this.  paco sold me this so called “alien technology” device for $999.99.  I told him “a thousand bucks, are you nuts?”.  And he just replied “no, no, my good friend, it’s not a thousand.  I would never charge you a thousand dollars”.  Well, it’s a penny away from a thousand.  But still, desperate times call for desperate measures and I’m desperate to get to that Sumerian mead.  As I recall, it’s the stuff we filched from Urak, circa 3200 BC.  Good, really good stuff.

    Hmmm, how does one work this thing?  Alien my ass.  It looks like one of those hand held devices on the original Star Trek series.  What were they called?  I bet Michael Lonie knows the name.  He’s watched every episode 40 times.  And that’s before he graduated from high school.

    * beep * beep * beep * burrrr * burrrr *

    Hmmm.  I think I might have found something.

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    1. Lookout, wronwright, I think it’s the backhoe backing up…
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