Biden, a young Murtha (but just as dopey)

Anti-War Protesters Greet Convention Goers in Denver

Activists like Cindy Sheehan kicked off the event with more than two hours of speeches.

Cindy babe, has been hanging around Fidel and Hugho, to long. Guess when you look like her, you have to, huh?

“We’re out here to speak out about the. . .destruction of society and the impact on our own society as we have fewer and fewer resources,” Denver local Jane Cahn told She and her husband Eric said they have joined in on such rallies for 40 years.

Aren’t they emitting carbon?

This is small potatoes, compared to what the Republicans will face.

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US warship carrying aid supplies reaches Georgia

Well shit, it ain’t that far. Tiz between Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. OOOPPSS, Tennessee, too.

WHY…WHY is it always the U.S.? Don’t we have a fucking WORLD, that gives two shits?


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Principal Apologizes to Houston Elementary School Parents for ‘White Boys’ Remark

Breitbart TV

The principal made a comment to a group of the school’s 3rd grade teachers that she wanted her grandson to be in a class with “nice neighborhood white boys.”

The principal has no principle.

Aboriginal Community Dysfunction: Another Solution Investigated

The 1970s has a lot to answer for in regard to today’s problems with Aboriginal welfare.

Gough Whitlam was elected Prime Minister in 1972, and was a member of the Australian Labor Party. He implemented a bunch of initiatives which look great on paper, but all of which have failed. They were intended to help white people and the Aboriginals reconcile their differences, but instead they had a very divisive effect for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, they made it clear to all that Aboriginals and whites were different. While that is true only in colour and family history for the most part, it created an ideology that Aboriginals should be treated differently and that they should neither assimilate to the majority of Australians in a number of ways, but that they should accept that their culture is superior white Australians and should be revered as such, and therefore Aboriginals can stick to their culture. This view is false, because many of their traditional rituals and healthcare methods are outdated for dealing with today’s issues. Because of this outdating of their traditions, this view has led to the victimhood that many Aboriginals are now part of.

For years, Aboriginals have been told that their culture is so wonderful that they don’t need to assimilate to the culture change in Australia, and this has now put Aboriginal communities on the back foot, particularly in how to handle problems experienced in the communities because there is now an entrenched feeling of entitlement and betrayal, at the hands of white Australians. This has led to any white Australians attempting to help being labelled “racist” when all they’re trying to do is assist. This started under the leadership of Gough Whitlam, the only Prime Minister ever dismissed during his term.

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Madonna Tour Video Likens Sen. John McCain to Hitler, Mugabe

Breitbart TV

If there were ever a good use for the C word, it would be this whore. Notice how she handle the mic’ and drools…just like the 103,782 “Johnson’s” she handled, just this year. That’s just in her mouth.

Only thing this C would do with a Hitler or a Mugabe, if blow and screw. Made a mistake, take both in the ass, at one time, she would…AND beg for more.

CUM to think of it BITCH…if you serviced Mugabe as you promised…He’d probably stop slaughtering Africans. That would be good, don’t you think?

Sorry! You don’t think, you don’t have a brain…Your TWAT could berth the QE II, though.

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