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Chicago Clinton Supporter: Obama Mentor Called Me ‘Uncle Tom’

As sung by Bachman-Turner Overdrive…You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

Racial infighting among Democrats, which marred the presidential primaries, has flared up again at the party’s convention in Denver, where a black Hillary Clinton delegate is accusing a black Barack Obama delegate of calling her an “Uncle Tom.”

Delmarie Cobb of Chicago told FOX News Monday that Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, whom Obama called his “political godfather,” hurled the racially charged insult against her late Saturday for speaking out in support of Clinton. Although Democrats at the convention are trying to project an image of unity, there is lingering bitterness between the Clinton and Obama camps, in part because each side accused the other of playing the race card during the primaries.

On Monday, Illinois’ National Organization for Women President Bonnie Grabenhofer reportedly called on Jones to resign immediately from the Illinois state Senate for using the racial slur.

“That was a pretty horrible comment,” Grabenhofer, also a Clinton delegate, told The Sun-Times.

Fox News

Let’s Play By The Rules!

See what I mean here

The first part is classic foot in mouth disease, by Biden AND he has a high I.Q. as he tells a reporter..”Higher Then Yours”.

B-Cast/Breitbart TV News

And of course, after I played this bastard, it seems as though it was switched…but screw it..look and see if you choose. I’m not taking the post down….fuck it!

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Obama would step up pressure on Iran over nukes


DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged Monday that he would step up diplomatic pressure to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons before Israel feels that “its back is against the wall” and might take military action.

Campaigning In Iowa on his way to the Democratic convention in Denver, Obama was asked about rumors that Israel had a “green lighted” an attack on Iran before the presidential election in November. Obama refused to comment on the rumors but acknowledged that Israel feels threatened.

“I will tell you having visited Israel just a month and a half ago, their general attitude is, ‘We will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon,'” Obama said. “My job as president would be to try to make sure we are tightening the screws diplomatically on Iran, that we mobilize the world community to go after Iran’s nuclear program in a serious way. … We have to do it before Israel feels its back is against the wall.”

Oooo, Mr. Tough Guy. What happened to the talk stuff Big O? Feeling a bit yellow are ya’?

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Texas GOP Ad on George Obama


Australian Electorial Rorts

I was going to do a post on a much more worthy issue, brought back to my memory by a friend, the issue of a woman who refused chemotherapy treatment for cancer so she could deliver a healthy child. I’m not entirely sure I can do that wonderful woman the justice she deserves with the written word, so I’m going to write about something completely different.

I can’t write about Dr Ellice Hammond, only 37, with the justice she deserves without properly honouring her, and I’m not sure I can properly write the words for the emotion she must have felt in coming to the decision she did, and the honour she deserves for such bravery.

Instead, I’m going to write about a woman who is dealing with extreme cowardice, completely opposite to how Dr Hammond lived her life. I’m talking about Carolyn Male, a Queensland Labor Member of Parliament who is so scared of losing her seat that she has moved electorates to make sure she doesn’t lose her position in the single-legislature-chamber of Parliament in Queensland. This has pissed me off, and should upset all those who believe in a proper democracy in all Western (and other) countries!

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If McCain Doesn’t Pick Sarah Palin for Veep, He’s an Idiot…

… If he picks Romney, he’s a blithering idiot.

As I’ve noted before, I believe Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the perfect choice for McCain to make for his running mate. Now that Slow Joe “Big Mouth” Biden – the ultimate mediocre IQ Washington insider (The antithesis of Hope and Change – more like Dope and Mange) – is Obama’s pick, I believe more than ever that Palin is the only one.

Romney is about as relatable to most voters as a block of ice, and he’s just as charismatic as one too. That should have been the lesson of the primaries, but some seem not to have learned. Not to mention that Mitt could and would match Slow Joe word for word, which would be a disaster, even if Mitt is obviously far more intelligent than Plugs is.

Palin exhibits excellent economy of expression, she exudes mass quantities of charisma, and she is relatable to most voters; which Romney is certainly not, and which McCain himself has issues with.

Don’t be a dolt and lose the vote, John: Pick Palin!

The Dandenongs: Part 1

Road Through Dandenongs

Road Through Dandenongs

Melbourne has an entire area of townships, hills, and a mountain referred to as The Dandenongs. The Dandenongs has some really cool roads. The road in this photo goes through the middle of a National Forest (Sherbrooke Forest along Sherbrooke Road for those playing at home), and these roads are a really cool drive.

There are corners which can kill you no matter how slowly you’re driving, insane hills where you have to rely on blind faith that your car tyres are actually touching the road because you can’t actually see the road until about 5 metres down, turns which look like they turn one way, but because of the dark colour of the gravel that’s often at the side of the road you actually have to turn the other way, large tree branches that can fall at any time, black ice, and a whole host of other fun things to deal with.

Driving through the Dandenongs is so much fun!!!

What the bloody hell is this?

Daily Telegraph AU

WHO the bloody hell do they think they are?

Britain’s, er, brightest newspaper brains are rubbing Sydney Olympics fans’ noses in the Poms’ medal glory today – while taking a pop at our Lara Bingle.

With the UK astonished that Britain won more medals than Australia in Beijing, bosses at London-based The Sun have hired a van to ram home the message in Sydney.

This could bring a whole new meaning to the term Mother country don’t you think, Brits?

Russian MPs back Georgia’s rebels


Both houses of Russia’s parliament have urged the president to recognise the independence of Georgia’s breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Translation: What is meant IS the Soviet style

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