Finally. An Obama ad I can get behind

This is perfect!

Courtesy of Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred

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Sarah Palin: All The Right Wing Cred McCain Can Get

The choice of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee is an absolute masterstroke. It truly is, and for a number of reasons.

Palin has been quoted as being tenacious. The senior pastor (Ed Kalnins) at Palin’s church, the Assembly of God, said of Palin: “Once she understands a truth, she bites down on it and won’t let go of the truth.” This tells me that a) she’ll research what she’s talking about, b) form her decision on the subject, and c) she’ll stick to her beliefs until step a) reveals more information, then she’ll re-evaluate. The United States could very well deal with that kind of skill and decision making, particularly as it’s something many on the Left side of politics say that neither the current President nor the current Vice President are capable of.

Palin is also unafraid to not pull the Republican party line. While mayor of Wasilla and later Governor of Alaska, she was unafraid to propose new projects and different ways of resolving issues facing her communities which were in contradiction of the proposals put forward by other Republicans in the party, and her stance on ethics was a major contributor to her being elected to Governor in a landslide against previous Republican Governor Frank Murkowski. While she has had her moments of being rather divisive, she also has a lot of talent for working in a team.

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Foul Don Fowler Amused by New Orleans Hurricane….

Who is Don Fowler, you ask? Why, Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler (laughs at New Orleans while talking to Congressman John Spratt of SC) That’s who.

“God is on our side”

Pajamas Media/Ed Driscoll

UPDATE [Angus]: Fowl-mouth “apologizes” and yet slams “right-wing nutcase” who recorded him.

Yeah, Don, that’s the problem right there: The guy who exposed you for the crapweasel you are is the one at fault. It’s called projection, Don – pro-jec-tion – which means YOU are the nutcase in this instance, scum-puppy.

The Social Issues are not the same. Roger L. Simon…

I would guess that many of us who are pro-choice (loathe the tired “choice-life” terminology) were nonetheless moved by Sarah Palin’s heartfelt and principled decision not to abort her Down’s syndrome child, revealed to the world yesterday during her initial campaign appearance. It reminded me of something about which I have been ruminating for some time: The preeminent social issues – gay marriage and abortion – are quite separate. Lumping them together, as is often done by the media and by ideologues on both sides, is insulting to our intelligence.

For me, same-sex marriage is by far the simpler issue. I am one hundred percent for it on moral, civil rights and scientific grounds. (Sexual orientation is not elective.) And I am surprised so many of my fellow citizens would want to deny others a chance to experience a life of recognized love and commitment, something I have found, through hard experience, to be easily the most fulfilling and socially useful way to live. It would seem almost, dare I say it, unchristian.

Abortion is another matter entirely. I have had a personal experience in recent weeks. I became the grandfather of twin girls brought to our family by my son Raphael and his partner Phillip. These beautiful girls were conceived in vitro and carried by a birth mother. They emerged healthy and thriving. Staring at them brings tears to my eyes.

It is also a stark reminder of the obvious. The pro-life people are certainly right about one thing – life does begin at the moment of conception (when else?). Those of us who are pro-choice must wrestle with that uncomfortable fact even as we assert our political view. In nearly every abortion, a decision is being made between the life (or convenience) of the mother and an already growing and developing life with unique DNA. As much of a religious agnostic as I am, I am seriously disturbed by that.

Still, I remain pro-choice because I would prefer the government not be involved in these highly personal decisions. Also, as we all must acknowledge, if abortions become illegal, they will continue anyway and, once again, become more or less a privilege of the rich. Pretty repellent.

And yet, as I said, I am moved by Sarah Palin’s decision to have her fifth child. In this regard, her morals and her courage are impeccable. I wonder if I would have done the same.

Pajamas Media/Roger L. Simon

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I apologize to our Canadian friends….

September 1st, is also THEIR Labour Day. Have a great weekend, Canada.

BTW…Ramadan-a-ding-dong starts at sundown, Monday.

It refers to the hot, dry sensation of thirst during this month of fasting
Ramadan scorches out evil like the sun scorches the earth
Just as heat shapes and influences all matter — organic and inorganic — so does Ramadan shape and influence the believer

There seems to be a lot of evil, Ramadan misses. All it has to do, is turn inwards. It doesn’t. Why? Just as heat shapes and influences all matter — organic and inorganic — so does Ramadan shape and influence the believer

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I Have Finally Figured Leftists Out

How do you classify a species that is incapable of self-reflective thought? Brutish, to be sure, but what if said species otherwise displays signs of sentience? No sub-human animal then, so what manner of creatures are incapable of seeing themselves as they are, rather than as they fancy themselves? And, what manner of creatures are incapable of pondering their own reflection in a mirror, physically and metaphorically?

Vampires. Vampires can’t see themselves in a mirror because they have no reflection, and with no soul or conscience, they can’t objectively ponder the harm that they do, the pain that they cause, or even their very existence. Vampires live to inflict their will and self upon others, solely for their own self-satisfaction, with no possibility of doubt, pity, or remorse. Driven by an insatiable blood-lust, vampires and leftists only superficially appear human, while under the skin lies Acheron beyond the Styx.

Leftists are vampires, only without the cool super-powers and eternal life.

That must suck (Pun intended).

Hey, people of New Orleans, Leave. Your Governor and your Mayor told you so. May even use those

 School Buses, this time.

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