Teh Funny!: Ann Coulter, Bound and Gagged

I’m bad.  After my previous post – just for devious grins – I did a Google Image Search using the terms, “ann coulter gag ball.”  Wouldn’t you know it, Eureka! ann_coulter02.jpgI love the intertubes.  

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21 Responses to “Teh Funny!: Ann Coulter, Bound and Gagged”

  1. allahakchew Says:

    By the Democrats…no less?….LOL
    Any of you guys know about this? At Christchurch terminal. BTW, I am in cognito

  2. TimH Says:

    Okay, so it’s a photoshop, but she does have nice tits…..

  3. mylesfromnowhere Says:

    A damn sexxxxy right wing nut job….. I wonder if the ACLU would approve of her being gagged like that

  4. dan Says:

    thank you for at least partially satisfying my need to see her that way, on her knees and tied up. I would replace the ball gag!

  5. Tom Winscher Says:

    I think this is pretty sick to be honest with you. I can not believe it is even left out for the public to look at. Get a life!

    • J. Ratzinger Says:

      Tom, please do not pass judgement on Anne Coulter based on this photo or her her BDSM lifestyle. So what if she like many powerful people prefers to balance her life by accepting a submissive role in the bedroom to compensate for her powerful professional status as a dominant news-making personality.

      She is not hurting anyone by what she does in private, no more than you wearing your wife’s undergarments under your police uniform and squatting to pee like a girl when you go to the mens room.

  6. Roddy Malloy Says:

    Lighten up Tom. It’s bloody brillant! I’d love to see her and Sarah Palin like this most of the time!

  7. 1,000,000 « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] someone actually is reading this – and you’re not an Iranian or leftist looking for porn – on behalf of everyone at Tizona’s, we would like to thank […]

  8. Jason Diggs Says:

    It’s about time the living troll show her true self! I always knew she would command more respect as a stripper!

  9. Brian B Says:

    Ummm, it is fake. Duh! You are all very sad.

  10. Conservative Mark Says:

    The only way someone would not like Ann is if they were a democrat, libtard, raghead, welfare queen, socialist, Obamanation, communist, Islamofacist, queer, tranny, athest, agnostic, … so which are you?

  11. pete agarnn Says:

    I would love you to make one just like thaT of sarah palin. In fact, make two: one with a ball gag and one with duct tape!

  12. pete agarnn Says:

    Addendem to previous post pLease make that pali one with a ball gag and hogtied.

  13. pete agarnn Says:

    I have another request: how about adding a fourth gal to the previous scenario. Michelle Baucmann would go well with sarah palin. Show them both hogtied and ball gagged on the floor in front of a nice warm firelace in their cozy northwoods cabin.

  14. pete agarnn Says:

    Pardon me the previous post I referred to a fourth gal for a request that you fabricate an image of them bound and gagged gals the other two are not demagogues they just have irritating voIces thus the need to see them gagged.The two gals in question are Rachal Ray and Kelly Ripa

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