Kevin & Obama: The Ear-Booger Connection

Some of the similarities between Kevin Rudd’s shallow-but-successful campaign and Obama’s have already been noted, to the extent that some folks are wondering whether the same team of Seppos who spun for Kevni are now in the hire of Obama.

I give you exhibit #38:


Coincidence? You be the judge.


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16 Responses to “Kevin & Obama: The Ear-Booger Connection”

  1. Is Obama lying or just stupid? « Tizona’s Weblog Says:

    […] Kevin & Obama: The Ear-Booger Connection […]

  2. tizona Says:

    Damn you, Spot. Guinness Stout, all over my bedspread. LMAO.

  3. tizona Says:

    Sir Spot

    Fran just posted a thesis, equal the worthiness of Michelle Obama’s, in Fran’s Little Soap Box

  4. spot_the_dog Says:

    #3 Jeepers, that’s a long one! Am I allowed to self-anaesthetise before I read it?

  5. tizona Says:

    By all means….LOL. I swear, it had nothing to do whatsoever, with you making me spit out my Guinness.

  6. Angus Dei Says:

    Guinness. I’m envious. I’m “on” Coors tonight. LOL!

  7. Jim T Says:

    That is too funny! That’s your new President picking his ear and eating it, isn’t it? I think I saw that on Letterman some time back. Too bad there’s no video of Obama as well, but that’s still a good picture. Obama wants to give us CHANGE – what kind of change, no one seems clear on, but lots of folks want it, or think they do. Maybe it’s in his ear, like a trick my uncle used to play when he’d pretend to take a quarter out of his ear – that kind of “change”?

    Good grief, if we get Obama then I can see him fitting right in with your Kevin.

    And, what is it with the weird names? Never heard of a big leader named either “KEVIN” or “OBAMA.”

  8. Ash Says:

    Yes, it’s our new Prime Minister, and I think it was actually on Leno, not Letterman.

  9. Jim T Says:

    Oops. *Prime Minister*. I will get it right next time, I promise!

  10. Ash Says:

    It’s all good. Easy mistake to mistake, with him acting like he’s a President!

  11. Angus Dei Says:

    If I were to caption the Obama shot:

    “I’m a lefty, so I cant hear out of this right ear.”

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  13. Kevin Rudd Is Incredibly Embarrassing « The Tizona Group Says:

    […] how did we choose a man who eats his own earwax, makes up fantastical stories about world leaders to bignote himself, insults the memory of a man […]

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