Sunset on the fairway

Sunset on the fairway by onepointsix

and yesterday’s :

Wooden Ball by 1.618

Note To Richard Ryan

Keep up this constant harassment and I will not hesitate in taking legal action.

And you will certainly not do well out of that.

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Top 10 Recommended Films

Not in order of how I’d rate them, but here they are:

December Boys

Gritty film set in Australia in the 1960’s focusing on a summer in the lives of four young orphan boys. Well worth a look, because it deals with some rather deep issues in a very well-developed way.

Batman Begins

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this, you must. Great film about superhero Batman, and the special effects are just awesome. And I want to drive the Batmobile!

The Count of Monte Cristo

The latest version, with Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce and Richard Harris, is just amazing. The special effects are amazing, the plot of the book is followed for the most part, and there’s some tremendous acting.

The Dish

The basic story of what happened at the Parkes, NSW, satellite dish during the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. It’s beautifully told, although a bit of dramatic licence was taken, but it shows the true courage of people so determined to meet their goals.

The Crow

Ohmygodthisisjustbrilliant! The special effects really are something special, and although the plot is highly unrealistic the acting keeps it together. And who doesn’t like a killer only killing other killers?

Top Gun

I need one of those planes. Desperately. I mean, how great is this movie? Sure, Tom Cruise is annoying, but for the first half of it he’s outshone by Goose, and in the second half, Kelly McGillis does what she can to stop me from wanting to smack him in the face. And the planes, how I want one…!

The Godfather

Truly a classic of our time… although the stereotypes are a bit off. But it’s still a ripping good movie, although it cuts out many of the elements of the book that make it a brilliant story.

Alvin and the Chipmonks

All I can say is “Bow-chicka-wow-wow!”


I {heart} this movie. It’s just so damn good. Good acting, great action scenes, good plot, and a great soundtrack.

Mystic River

For a dark, gritty story complete with three of the biggest moonbat actors playing main roles, this came out incredibly well. It’s somewhat thought-provoking.

What movies would you ladies and gentlemen suggest?

The one, the only…Theo Spark…Courtesy, J.M.

Urban Word of the Day…..critical ass

adj. The stage in fat accumulation when fabric can no longer contain the enormity of one’s buttocks.

Urban Dictionary

Pamela Anderson’s Explicit New Video….”Kentucky Fried Cruelty”

Of course, the best thing that you can do to help animals is to stop eating them, so please consider trying a vegetarian diet—just like me. And if you don’t think animal cruelty is a strong enough argument for vegetarianism you might want to at least read up on how eating meat causes impotence and slows the flow of blood to all the organs, not just to the heart, if you catch my drift.

OH STOP IT Pamela. You have eaten a ton of meat, including a lot of organs. Video’s have shown that. You know…Cock-A-Doodle-Do.    🙂


PETA and Pamela seem to fit so well. So WELL, that soon one will need to strap a board to his ass, to keep PETA from falling in.

Obama Falsely Claims Membership of Banking Committee While Touting Bill

CNN: Barack Obama pointed to a bill “we passed” in the U.S. Senate Banking Committee that tightens sanctions and authorizes divestment from Iran. “My committee,” he called it. Except that he isn’t a member of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

The LEFT calls this “Bushisms”…Will they change it to ‘Obamalies’?

Breitbart TV

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Australian couple’s lawsuit over IVF twins dismissed

A lesbian couple in Australia failed on Thursday in a bid to sue their doctor after one of them gave birth to twins rather than one baby following fertility treatment.The women, who cannot be named, were suing Robert Armellin for more than 400,000 Australian dollar (388,000 US) to cover the cost of raising one of the girls to the age of 21, Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

The birth mother of the twins, now aged four, had told the Supreme Court in Canberra that Armellin implanted two embryos even though she told him before the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure in November 2003 that she wanted just one.

The woman said she had lost her capacity to love and her relationship had suffered as she and her partner were distracted by the everyday chores involved in raising twins.

The couple were seeking 398,000 dollars to cover the cost of raising one child, including private school fees, about 15,000 dollars to compensate for time off work, and an additional amount for medical expenses, AAP said.

The doctor’s lawyer said the loss of freedom was common to all parents and argued the mother told him she wanted one baby only minutes before the procedure after previously consenting to having two embryos implanted.

The couple’s solicitor Thena Kyprianou said her clients were shocked by the court’s decision to dismiss the case and would consider an appeal, AAP said.

She said publicity surrounding the case had destroyed her clients’ privacy.

The pair were widely condemned when the lawsuit was launched in September last year, prompting them to issue a public statement saying their issue was with their doctor’s conduct, not the children that resulted from it.

“This has never been a case about whether our children are loved,” they said in a handwritten statement. “They are cherished.”

IVF involves fertilising an egg outside the woman’s body before transferring the embryo to the womb.


“They are cherished.” Then STFD and STFU.

Rapper Nas Collects 620,127 Signatures Protesting Fox News’ Coverage of Obama

Breitbart TV

“Fox poisons this country every time they air racist propaganda and try to call it news. This should outrage every American that Fox uses hateful language to talk about the person that may be the first black president.”

And your video Bozo, would be described, how?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin also has a comprehensive lowdown.

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