So whos making money from the Greenhouse scam?

The same blokes who always make the money…

The next time some stupid fucking lefty squeals like an ABC carbon pig over the “big oil” money corrupting the carbon debate point them to this excellent article in Der Speigel.

Its written in a “isn’t this great” tone but the numbers are horrifying.

“..This is no feel-good charity scheme. Enticed by the possibility of high returns from the European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme, financial institutions, including Barclays and Morgan Stanley, have flooded into the Continent’s cap-and-trade carbon dioxide market since its creation in 2005. Now, an estimated $78.6 billion in carbon credits — the right to emit a specific amount of carbon dioxide — are traded annually on the EU ETS. And trades in other carbon-related financial products, such as derivatives and futures, are posting double-digit gains each year..”

So the non-productive section of the economy is effectively taxing the productive side of industry for employing people.

And whos standing to benifit from this ponzi scheme?

“..On Mar. 14, the company launched a new financial product tied to carbon emission reduction credits, a U.N.-approved program that allows companies to generate carbon credits through CO2 reductions in the developing world, which can be sold on the EU ETS. While only 135 million CERs have been traded so far, analysts reckon there’s significant growth potential: Between 2 billion and 3 billion such credits are expected to reach the market by 2012…”

Great, Oil for arms will look like chicken feed to the corrupt scum at the UN. The same UN that has created and promoted this “crisis” for a decade.

“..Heavily polluting industries, such as energy, cement, and metals production, must buy and sell credits under the EU ETS, but smaller companies often lack the resources to trade CO2 on their own..”

I believe Taxed to death is the term which may be looked for..

“..Market watchers expect these problems to iron themselves out as Europe’s carbon markets mature — especially after 2011, when the aviation sector joins the EU ETS. Other parts of the world also are taking a page out of the European playbook: Australia will launch its own cap-and-trade scheme in 2010, and analysts reckon a federally regulated market in the US could get approval soon after the November elections..”

We are so screwed…

BTW this is the first time Ive seen the US mentioned as a “sure thing” in joining this scam, surely the crackafats wouldnt be keeping quiet on their plans to introduce this new tax?? Just like KRudd has done here.

Or is it a case of “hope and change” then grit your teeth and grab your ankles? 

Heres a link to the original article.,1518,550689-2,00.html

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Skippys going to f**k you up!!

How could I resist a story like this…


Hero pet dog leaps in to save elderly woman savaged by rogue kangaroo..


“You spill my beer mate??”

Hero pet dog leaps save elderly woman savaged rogue kangaroo

The youtube here is good for an example of daytime TV gone bad..

10 Most Unfortunate Store Names

The Rest at

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Left Bloggers Claim Web Dominance Over Radio-Oriented Conservatives

Breitbart TV

Is that right? News to me, but fairies do live, in fairyland

Yo, Angus: Here’s Your Brunette

This talented chick, Gabriella Cilmi (an Italian, of course), was born in 1991 and lives in Dandenong, Victoria. She’s very damn good at singing, and I like her style. Although the enjoyment of her song has worn off, since she’s played constantly on radio.

She’s into music, she’s Italian, and she’s pretty attractive.

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Those were the days

Dug it up.

Maybe Spot can tiz it up…


What about those people whining fools in that “Reasons to Vote liberal” ad?
Get this an over weight miner wanted to give us advice( that slob talked about working hard) when you can see that he is as lazy as any Australian, and then it cut to a restaurant owners saying “our defense forces have never been stronger”, you have to hand it to the liberals they always ask the experts.
Howard is out of touch, and soon he will be gone.

Reco of Melbourne (Reply)
Wed 07 Nov 07 (08:36am)

Kiwi replied to Reco
Wed 07 Nov 07 (10:28am)

You whinging, puny little man Reco. How the hell would you know what hard work was. You’ve probably never seen anyone do it, let alone done it yourself. Pathetic!!

Frank replied to Reco
Wed 07 Nov 07 (11:04am)

’out of touch’ is a term Hawker Britton told Rudd to use after conducting various focus group sessions. The fact that you also use this meaningless term shows that you are a fool.
We conservatives quote facts to back up our arguments such as 33 year lows for unemployment and 22% rises in real incomes since Howard came to power. To counter that you lefties simply say – Howard is a liar, Howard is out of touch, Howard is a rodent. As John Howard says – grow up.

Gordon in Perth replied to Reco
Wed 07 Nov 07 (11:14am)

“Get this an over weight miner wanted to give us advice( that slob talked about working hard) when you can see that he is as lazy as any Australian”

Here’s a deal for you Reco. If I can arrange for you to do 2 shifts (6 weeks, 14/7, 14/7) out at a WA mine, will you give it a go, and writea guest blog on your experiences among the “lazy slobs” out there?

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Media Fellates Kevin

The journalist who wrote this disgusting crap needs to go back to journalism school and smarten up a bit.

I mean, it’s pure drivel. Just appalling.

The Secret Ingredient

I’m letting loose trade secrets here, but this is important.

You know when you’ve cooked something, and it needs a little extra kick?

This is it, the ingredient you need.

Vegemite is also useful for repelling drop bears.

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Let’s Have a List of Underrated Actors and/or Actresses

I thought this might be a fun thread.

Numero Uno on my list would have to be Powers Boothe.

I first noticed him in 1980 when he played Jim Jones in The Guyana Tragedy. A magnificent performance he was obviously born to do.

Later, he was in the hokey but cool B-movie classic, Red Dawn, and yet later he played a great, classic Philip Marlowe, Private Eye.

My favorite role of his, however, was as Curly Bill Brocius in the modern classic western, Tombstone in 1993.

These days, he’s senator Roark in the amazing Sin City franchise, which has it’s second installment coming out soon.

Seriously, I’d like to see the guy given a chance at Shakespeare. Even at his current age, he has a magnificent presence, and he can ooze malevolent intent with the best of the all time bad guys.

And, of course, Mr. Boothe was mag-fucking-nificent in Deadwood as Cy Tolliver.

So, who do you think ought to get more credit as an actor or actress?

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