If even PlanetArk acknowledges the scam in carbon offsets, they must be pretty bad.

Obama’s old plane. BO’s new plane. What happened to the flag?

Wait. So the Star Spangled Banner ‘forces’ him to turn away, hands by side. Political pressure forces him to re-adopt the flag lapel. And as for the flag itself?

Suggested Theme Song for the Obama Campaign

Three Dog Night. Keep ’em ROCKIN’ Big O. Shit!

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With thanks to J.M. Heinrichs and The Anticraft.

Bon appetit!

OK Gastronomes, what think?

Chocolate Covered Bacon Cake

Found it at Instapundit

The Bacon Duet: Bacon Ice Cream and Chocolate-Covered Bacon



Al Dente

I’ve made THESE monsters

Not bad, really. BUT, if you eat more then one, dial your emergency services number.

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