Proof Positive that “Intelligent Design” is BS

The outrageously unintelligently designed… toucan.


Of course, the toucan might also throw, “natural selection” or “survival of the fittest” into doubt as well. Seriously, the harder I look at this picture the harder I laugh. WTF?!

Michael Jackson (Updated)

Just saw a snippet of one interview where he said this was his most important song, the song we should listen to. Poor man probably died of a broken heart. So here you go, Michael.

UPDATE: [Beef] Tough day, yesterday. M.J. was a guilty pleasure of mine because, as far as pop goes, it was all just so well done. Let’s not forget that he turned the music video – little more than a marketing gimmick previously – into a fifteen minute short-form story telling vehicle.

Thriller, Part 1:

Thriller, Part 2:

And, let’s not forget that Farrah Fawcett also passed yesterday. Yeah, I had a thing for her in ’77 when “the poster” was such a hit.


RIP and Godspeed to both.

What should be vs what isn’t

This is what we should be having for Sunday Brunch, but with one sitting day left followed by a six week vacation, the slimy bastards will probably get away with it.


Obama warms relationship with Chavez

Yep. Diplomatic ties are set to be reinstated.

Meanwhile, in Venezuela itself

And all the while, he, er, talks tough on Iran.

H/T Paco

PS Maybe someone should tell the dickheads they’ve spray-painted Buddhist swastika’s on the Jewish governor’s house.

More truisms

In keeping with Kae’s fine work, and with thanks to WOZ, here’s a few more truisms*.


* Thanks, WOZ. I’ll be needing them at the next meeting.

“Unimaginable Horror in Tehran”

“Iran has executed its Tiananmen Square. Baharestan Square has become synonymous with barbarity, cruelty, massacre and inhumanity.

An Iranian blogger (whose URL I will not publish) live blogging from Baharestan Square in central Tehran today captures but brief glimpses of the unimaginable horror that took place today. Bus loads of protesters were stopped and unloaded from their buses by “black-clad police” and literally herded. When the massing was sufficient, as the barely controllably distraught Tehran caller to CNN described first hand, hundreds of the regime’s Basij thugs poured out of an adjoining mosque and commenced a massacre with axes, clubs, guns and gas.

From the live blogger’s eyewitness account:

>More than 10.000 Bassij Milittias get position in Central Tehran, including Baharestan Sq.
>Army Helycopters flying over Baharestan and Vali Asr Sq.
>The streets, squares and around BAHARESTAN (Approx. South-eastern of Tehran) is swarming with military forces, civilian forces, the security motorists
>The croud have moved to the south of baharestan, the situation is bad, the shooting has started
>In Baharestan Sq. in the Police shooting, A girl is shot and the police is not allowing to let them help
>In Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping people like meat – blood everywhere – like butcher

This is the Iranian regime, wading into its own unarmed people and axing them to death, bludgeoning women (seen as the greatest threat to the regime) and throwing them to their deaths from pedestrian bridges. The same Iranian regime whose embassy officials are invited to American embassies around the world to celebrate on July 4th, of all things, a successful revolution.”

You should read the whole enchilada, but be warned: There is a particularly gruesome image of a dead man with an ax wound in his chest.

Also, the Iranians have been uninvited from the July 4th celebrations. I’m still pissed that these pieces of shit were invited in the first place.

I posted in a blog comment a few days ago that unless the Iranian protestors overran police and military positions and armed themselves, they would eventually be slaughtered. Sometimes I really hate being right all the time.

So, the masque is off the mosque vis-a-vis the Iranian thugocracy now, so what will happen next? I’m not sure yet, but my outlook is not sanguine. The Mullahs obviously read the Chi-com text book, and what worked for the communist thugs may very well work for the Islamist thugs too.

Unarmed populations seldom succeed at revolution, which is why being armed is a fundamental human right. As Aristotle said, “The true measure of a people’s freedom is whether they are armed or not.”

H/T Glenn Reynolds, who has some PJTV video at the link.

UPDATE: Much more at Gateway Pundit via Jawa Report.

History made

We’ve done it!

Unprecedentedly, Queensland, the Maroons, have secured four strait Origin series wins. But full credit to the Blues. They kept us on the back foot most of the second half. But Slater’s kick, Lockyer’s shove, and Cameron-after-captaining-last-year-Smith’s brilliant pick up shot the musket.

Brilliant, boys!


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Life Imitates Python.

Oh dear. I guess I don’t need to worry about Gen Y any more.

Pensioners torture financial adviser
Yahoo!7 June 24, 2009, 4:40 pm

A financial adviser has barely escaped with his life after being beaten and held hostage for four days by a gang of old-age pensioners.

American James Amburn was beaten until his ribs broke, burnt with cigarettes and hit with a Zimmer frame by the gang of five pensioners furious that he’d lost their £2 million ($4.1 million) savings.

Living in Germany, Mr Amburn was ambushed as he left a cafe and driven in the boot of an Audi to a house, where he was dumped in a cellar.

“I was jumped from the rear and struck,” he told UK tabloid The Sun.

“Then they bound me like a mummy with masking tape. It took them quite a while because they ran out of breath.”

In four days, the pensioners fed him just two bowls of soup, burned him with cigarettes and threatened to kill him “again and again”, angry that he had invested their money in a failed Florida property scheme.

He escaped once but was recaptured and beaten until his ribs broke.

Mr Amburn was eventually rescued after convincing his captors to let him fax a Swiss bank in an attempt to get their money.

He left a note for police at the bottom of the fax and armed cops stormed the house in Bavaria on Saturday.

The “Furious Five” as they have been dubbed, face 15-year sentences for hostage-taking and torture.

Best Iran Protest Roundup: Tom Gross

I’ve been posting inane, funny stuff, mostly because other blogs are covering Iran so well. I’m just not equipped to do that. One of the best one-stop shopping roundups I’ve come across is at Tom Gross’ Mideast Media Analysis. Lots of video and the best analysis out there, IMO.

You could spend an hour there, and you should.

Epic Fail: Lost in Translation

I’m wondering if BingBing had anything to do with this.


“Shawn was Only Seventeen Years Old…

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Obama Socks


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Why the Soviets Lost the Cold War

No comment necessary.

Sunday Brunch

In Korea, there’s a phenomenon known as ‘anju’, which means side dish, meaning you can’t just walk into a Korean establishment and start plugging away the soju. Koreans eat when they drink as opposed to grabbing a 3am kebab. Side dishes usually involve some kind of funky kimchi, or dried anchovies, maybe some tofu soup. Consequently, you can usually find bingbing at Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks) around 8am Tizona time on a Sunday. Hence, afterwards, any 11am Sunday Brunch would probably have to be a side dish, so to speak.

Some of you may have guessed the Tizona’s Sunday brunches are scheduled, not posted live, as apart from last weekend when my wallet was lifted, there’s no way in hell I’m up at that ungodly hour (11am Tizona time… 9am Korean time [either way]) on a Sunday.

Anyway, in the spirit of side dishes and Koreans occasionally getting things right, Tizona’s presents, with special thanks to bing’s Korean girlfriend who alerted him to it, today’s Sunday Brunch! Praise Jesus!


Yes, that photo was taken in Korea (you can tell by the viser cap, second from the left)… probably not in the North, though.


The Sunday Shooter!

What the Fuck is Wrong with Ron Paul?

Ron Paul, “libertarian heartthrob,” mister “Re-love-ution” himself, was the only congressman to vote against a resolution supporting the Iranian protestors.

“The House overwhelmingly approved a resolution Friday in support of Iranian dissidents as that country’s top cleric warned protesters to end demonstrations.

The resolution was approved in a 405-1 vote, with two members voting present. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the only lawmaker opposed to the resolution. Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and David Loebsack (D-Iowa) voted present.”

Of course, Keith Ellison (D-Mecca) voting present is no surprise, as he’s the only (openly) Muslim congressional tool, and I know nothing about David Scrotesack other than that he’s a leftard butt-plug, but Ron Paul? Seriously, what is his major malfunction?


$423,500.00 to Study why Men Don’t Like Condoms

Okay, this is a good example of idiotic government spending.

“The federal government is spending $423,500 to find out why men don’t like to wear condoms, a project government watchdogs say is a nearly-half-a-million-dollar waste of taxpayer money.

Researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, are investigating why “young, heterosexual adult men” have problems using condoms. The study will include “skill-based intervention” to teach grown men how to use protection.

The first phase of the two-year study will be a simple Q&A, but doctors say the second phase will plumb uncharted territory.

“The second phase involves a laboratory study, and focuses on penile erection and sensitivity during condom application,” reads the abstract from Drs. Erick Janssen and Stephanie Sanders, both of the Kinsey Institute.

“The project aims to understand the relationship between condom application and loss of erections and decreased sensation, including the role of condom skills and performance anxiety, and to find new ways to improve condom use among those who experience such problems.””

Let me make this easy for you:

1] Men don’t like to wear condoms because they totally destroy the best sensations of sex.

2] Men don’t like to wear condoms because putting them on ruins the moment.

3] Condoms don’t work at all for uncircumcised men – that would be me.

Now, I’ll settle for just 10% of that money, so write me a check for $42,350.00 please.

Here is the most useful thing a guy can do with a rubber.


Epic LOL of the Day: Muslims Discover the Koran is FAKE

This is absolutely hilarious, though no surprise, really.

“The 1972 discovery of the earliest surviving Quranic manuscripts in the Great Mosque of Sana’a conclusively shows that the present Quran is different from the early manuscripts. It proves the Islamic claim—that the Quran is infallability, that it is Allah’s original revelation word by word, and that it is copy of the version kept in a tablet in heaven—outright false.

… The devastating truth is that a large number of ancient Quranic manuscripts, dating from first century of Hijra were discovered in the Great Mosque of Sana’a (Yemen), which significantly differs from the present standard one. Carbon dating system confirmed that these Qurans are not forged one by religious rivalries. Moreover, these Qurans were discovered by Muslims, not infidels.
This is, probably, the most embarrassing event to Muslims in the 1,400-year history of Islam.”


You should read the whole enchilada.

P-Shop of the Day: Michelle’s Toned Arms

Someone at Ace linked to this on an overnight thread. I was several beers into the evening when I clicked on the link, and just about pissed my britches. It was still just as funny this morning.


In class today

The students are finally starting to get off their butts (as I should with regards to my apartment!) for this English contest coming up at the end of the month. One student in particular found something written in Korean which she directly translated into English. And I mean directly. That said, she’s no expert yet either. Whilst her effort so far has been admirable (there’s more to come on Thursday although it won’t be as ‘good’ since a higher-level student helped her out with the rest), it’s taken a little touching up…

It was written in pencil, then photocopied so the scan didn’t come out so well. So, I’ll just write what she wrote.


Good morning!

With smile You’ll be happy this moment. From xxxxx-dong [‘dong’ means ‘suburb – bing] office angel of smile give you greeting.

To smile is happy. This word is reasonable psychologist from France Robert Je Jork saies. This is after all smile over come cancer. And give the best happiness.

Now let’s go sea of smile.

Body is surprised suddenly to smile.

650 muscles are. To smile 235 muscles are.

So let’s light exercise.

Finger and finger toward for 5 seconds, to left for 5s, to right for 5s, backward for 5s wit haa and 1,2,3 after we hand lift down.

OK. Good. Once repeat. Thank you.

Now let’s clap ours hands in applause.

Long ways to go. Long ways to go…

Still, on second thoughts, maybe I should have just left it.

BTW, her English is better than my Korean.

Urgent advice needed

Calling on any Aussies out there.

Does this taste any good?

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Just because it can be done

Yawn, update. Guess you guys need an explanation. Well I first thought of paco and how he loves the classics and how you all love him. Lie. I thought of Paco after a mate put on the tune.

Is it Aker Bilk?

Anyway, I don’t know how to say it properly, academically, but there’s a disconcerting divide between young and old, left and right.

This is unnatural.

By putting on this young peeps musik compared to what…

I wanna decrease the disconnect. Hope you old charges  like it.

PS And Mythusmage needs someone to clean his apartment…

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Sunday Brunch

Tough week. Have to search for a new job and move apartment pretty much every year here. That time is now. We opened up a can o’ worms with chastity chaz. Got pick pocketed on Friday night. Need bacon.

It’s all good, but.

Ahmadinejad Rigs Iranian Election, Iranian Citizens Riot

As if the problems with North Korea weren’t enough, Iranians have taken to the streets” to protest Ahmadinejad’s obvious rigging of the Iranian presidential election.

As I’ve said many times, Iran being an Islamic country is an epic shame, as the real Persian spiritual culture is Zoroastrianism, from which the Judeo-Christian tradition borrowed many features. Perhaps this evil regime will be brought down.

BingBing, Please Answer the White Courtesy Phone: NorK Attack “Imminent”

Things may have reached a tipping point with North Korea.

“U.N. Security Council resolutions are almost always a waste of time, but not always, and yesterday’s resolution presents North Korea with a major problem, and represents an escalation point in the continuing crisis. Just a few days ago, when the resolution was presented before the Council in draft form, North Korea issued a new threat, using the words “offensive” and “nuclear” in the same sentence maybe for the first time:

“Our nuclear deterrent will be a strong defensive means . . . as well as a merciless offensive means to deal a just retaliatory strike to those who touch the country’s dignity and sovereignty even a bit,” the state-run Minju Joson newspaper said in commentary carried by the official Korean Central News Agency…

* For these reasons, it is possible that North Korea’s economic situation is now so desperate, that North Korea is willing to go further than ever before in forcing the U.S., China, and others to pay up. Another nuclear test — or perhaps a military strike or other kind of attack against some nation — could be imminent.”

You really need to read the whole enchilada.


It is high time this dastardly regime was toppled, IMO. What’s the mood in the south, Bing?

Eat up, ladies

Cheers to this. Who desn’t love a bit of meat on them bones?

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